General Medical Faculty By Laws: Nominating Committee

VII. Standing Committees and Councils of the School of Medicine (cont.)

  1. Nominating Committee
  1. The General Medical Faculty will establish the Committee of 6 elected members by July 1 of each academic year.
  1. The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members to include three (3) elected from the Basic Sciences and three (3) elected from the Clinical Sciences; chaired by the Vice-Chairman of the General Medical Faculty. Members will be elected for a two year staggered term (i.e. three members will be elected yearly). A faculty member may server only two consecutive terms.
  1. The Committee shall propose at least two nominees for each position to be filled either as an officer, member of the Advisory Committee of the General Medical Faculty, Grievance Committee, Representative to the University Senate, and Representative to the Senate Committee on Faculty, Tenure, Freedom and Responsibility.
  1. The list of nominees for each position shall be made known to the General Medical Faculty prior to May 1, and the Nominating Committee shall solicit further names from the General Medical Faculty at this time.
  1. Additional nominations for these posts may be made from the floor at the annual election. Nominations from the floor must be accompanied by an assurance that the nominee will serve if elected.
  1. Each year, on July 15, the Dean shall present to the Nominating Committee a list of positions to become vacant in the Standing Committees of the Executive Faculty and establish criteria for membership. The Nominating Committee shall propose at least two (2) nominees for each position to be filled and transmit the list of nominees to the Dean.

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