General Medical Faculty By Laws: Elections

  1. Elections:
  1. Officers; members of the Advisory Committee; members of the Standing Committees of the General Medical Faculty, except the Nominating Committee; Representatives to the University Senate and to the University Senate Committee on Faculty Tenure, Freedom and Responsibility shall be elected at the last regular meeting of the academic year. Members of the Nominating Committee shall be elected by February 1 each year.
  1. Officers; the Representative to the University Senate Committee on Faculty Tenure, Freedom, and Responsibility; the Basic Sciences an clinical Sciences Representatives to the University Senate, Grievance Committee members, and Nominating Committee members shall be elected by majority vote of the members attending and voting.
  1. In the case of the members of the Advisory Committee of the General Medical Faculty, the two Basic Science candidates and the two Clinical Science candidates with the largest number of votes shall be elected.
  1. If an office filed from the General Medical Faculty falls vacant before the end of the appointed term, the Chairmen of the General Medical Faculty, with the consent of a majority of the Faculty Advisory Committee, shall name an interim member to serve until the next election.
  1. Election of members of the Personnel and Honors Committee.
  1. The Dean shall serve as Chairman of the Personnel and Honors Committee (P.H.C.).
  1. Of the twelve (12) members of the P.H.C. six (6) will be appointed by the Dean and six (6) will be elected by the General Medical Faculty.
  1. The six members to be elected will be tenured senior faculty members (Associate or Full Professors), three (3) from Basic Science and three (3) from Clinical Science departments.
  1. They will serve three-year staggered terms (i.e., each year one new Basic Science and one new Clinical Science faculty member will be elected to a three-year term).
  1. The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of candidates for the P.H.C. each year as they do for other elections and at the same time as other annual elections are held. As a matter of courtesy, this slate will be discussed with the Dean. The slate will then be presented for a vote by the General Medical Faculty. As in other elections, nominations from the floor are permitted so long as the nominees fit the requirements listed above.
  1. In order to set this process in motion and for the 1985-86 year only, elections of the three Clinical Science and three Basic Science members will be held at the September 1985 meeting. These will be elected to terms of 6 months, 1.5 and 2.5 years beginning in January 1986, so that the P.H.C. will be reconstituted at that time. Thereafter, at annual elections, two members (one Basic and one Clinical Science member) will be elected to three-year terms. Re-election is not specifically proscribed.

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