Samir El-Dahr

Dr. El-Dahr

Samir El-Dahr, MD

Jane B. Aron Professor of Pediatrics
Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Section Chief, Pediatric Nephrology

Research Interests: 

Molecular mechanisms of renal cell differentiation

Dr. El-Dahr's research efforts are centered on the molecular mechanisms of renal cell differentiation. In particular, he is interested in defining the transcription factors involved in terminal renal epithelial cell differentiation. Recently, he identified the p53 transcription factor as an important regulator upstream of several renal function genes. Mutations in the p53-binding site of the human bradykinin B2 receptor promoter are associated with hypertension and end-stage-renal disease. Thus, p53 may link renal cell differentiation and functional maturation. These findings also suggest a possible novel link between cancer susceptibility and the development of renal disease and hypertension. Another aspect of his work is to define the cellular and molecular pathways leading to renal dysplasia in a mouse model of renal dysgenesis in mice lacking a GPCR, the bradykinin B2 receptor. Of particular interest is the aberrant activity of EGF-R function in this model of renal dysgenesis, thus mimicking human cystic renal dysplasia. Dr. El-Dahr has generated a mouse model of an important human renal disease that accounts for about 30% of all childhood chronic renal failure.

Samir El-Dahr, MD
Department of Pediatrics
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