Second Opinion Consultations

Finding the right surgeon and program can seem like a daunting task, especially when faced with the challenges associated with a difficult diagnosis. Patients should seek a second opinion when they don’t fully understand a treatment option or have questions about a surgical approach. Second opinions are often suggested when a patient is faced with a challenging healthcare decision and are well accepted within the medical community.

When researching your treatment options one consideration to take into account is the experience of the surgeons and their supporting staff, particularly for a complex surgery. Do not hesitate to ask how often your surgeon has performed your particular surgery, or how they will work with your other medical care providers.

If you are seeking additional information about your diagnosis or surgery and would like to arrange for a second opinion consultation, the surgeons of the Head & Neck Surgery Center are available to assist you. To schedule a second opinion consultation with Dr. Aslam or Dr. Friedlander please contact our ENT Clinic at 504-988-5451.

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