Important Terms
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE): Previously referred to as the Dean's Letter, the MSPE evaluates a student's academic performance relative to classmates. It describes a student's unique characteristics, performance in the preclinical years and clinical years, academic history, and overall academic performance in comparison to the class. In the Spring of the T3 year, students will be notified by the Office of Student Affairs to set up their MSPE appointment with the Dean of Student Affairs. Please bring a copy of your CV and personal statement to the appointment. MSPE's are available to residency programs via ERAS on October 1st.

  • Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS): Around February of third year, the Registrar will grant you access to begin working on your VSAS application for away rotations. Each program has their own date when they start accepting applications, however most open beginning in April. Not all programs use VSAS, and you will have to contact those programs directly. Get your application in on time or contact programs according to their deadlines as some programs will fill quickly.

  • Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS): ERAS is the electronic residency application used by all residency programs. You will receive an electronic token in June of your fourth year to start working on your application in July. You can submit your application and programs will begin downloading applications on the specified date in mid-September. It is highly recommended to have your application complete and ready for the first day ERAS accepts submissions.

  • National Residency Matching Program (NRMP): NRMP is the service that runs the Main Match. This is where you will enter your Rank Order List. You must register for this separate from your ERAS application. You can also find information here on the SOAP, All-In-Policy, and Couples Match.

    • NRMP

    • Information on the Ranking Process

  • FREIDA: The American Medical Association (AMA) provides the FREIDA database of all accredited U.S. residency programs in the country. It offers a powerful search tool to look at residency programs according to specialty, state, institution, and other selectable criteria.

  • AAMC Choices Newsletter: AAMC Careers in Medicine releases a quarterly career advising newsletter including specialty highlights, residency application guidance, and timely advice.

  • TMedWeb: Advice from fellow students regarding interest groups, sub-internships, away rotations, and the residency application process can be found here.

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