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Annual Program Evaluation
Educational Improvement Model

The Tulane University School of Medicine has developed the Educational Improvement Model (EIM) as a tool to guide programmatic evaluation (see Diagram 1).  It is an information gathering system based on assessment and evaluation data that serves to improve teaching quality and maximize student learning. 

Diagram 1 – Educational Improvement Model

 Educational Improvement Model; OME

The EIM model includes post graduate data collected from residency directors regarding Tulane PGY-1.  This data informs the school of students' performance in the six Core Competencies, which are strategically aligned with the overall institutional learning objectives.  From this data, recommendations can be made regarding curriculum improvement.  The model uses a 360-degree evaluation approach that captures all areas of the medical education program.

1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-6600