Innovative Models for Student Assessment and Course Evaluation

Too often we fail to adequately assess students achievement of knowledge, skills and attitudes that they will need to practice medicine. In so doing, we must adequately prepare students by integrating their higher-order knowledge of medical science linked with critical appraisal and reasoning processes vital for quality patient care.

We need to stimulate profound learning that applies scientific principles in appropriate clinical contexts, whether that learning is assessed through such methods as written/oral exams, essays, simulations or other means.

This seminar series highlights established approaches and innovative methods which assure that students learn what we believe to be important qualities for blended scientific medical knowledge and essential therapeutic practices. Each seminar addresses creative assessment tools to reliably link scientific and clinical applications so that our students are adequately prepared for their next stage of medical training.  In addition, the quality of our instructional efforts will be presented from peer and student perspectives.

Learning Modules

The following topics were presented during the Fall 2008 IAMSE seminar series.  For specifics regarding individual seminar content or to listen to a webcast, please click here.

1.   Longitudinal Evaluation of Student Progress: McMaster University Model

·         Presenter:  Dr. Alan Neville, McMaster University

2.   Assessments That Matter: Beyond Knowledge and Recall of Factual Information

·         Presenter:  Dr. Klara K. Papp, Case Western Reserve University

3.   Principles That Drive Innovation in Assessment and Evaluation

·         Presenter:  Dr. John Pelley, Texas Tech University

4.  Evaluating Learning in the Classroom

·         Presenter:  Dr. Dee Silverthorn, University of Texas at Austin

5.   Applying Principles of Continuous Quality Improvement in the Course Evaluation Process

·         Presenters:  Dr. Thomas Viggiano, Mayo Medical School

      Dr. Nehad I. El-Sawi, KCUMB Institute for Medical Education Innovation

6.   Students' Perspective of Assessment

·         Presenter:  Dr. Niamh Kelly, University of British Columbia

Learning Modules




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