Constructing a Syllabus


Why should you write a syllabus for your course?

  • Establishes an early point of contact and connection between student and instructor
  • Acquaints students with the logistics of the course
  • Contains collected handouts
  • Defines student responsibilities
  • Describes available learning resources
  • Helps students to assess their readiness for your course

Suggested Readings

The following books are available at the Office of Medical Education:
  • Grunert, J. The Course Syllabus – A Learning-Centered Approach. Boston, MA: Anker Publishing Company, 1997.
  • Forsyth I, Jolliffe A and Stevens D. Practical Strategies for Teachers, Lecturers and Trainers. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing, 1995.
  • Diamond RM. Designing & Assessing Courses & Curricula: A Practical Guide. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1998.

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