Teaching in the Hospital

Elements of effective clinical teaching:

  1. Engage the student in the process—stimulate interest & ownership
  2. Be clear in your expectations
  3. Gradually increase the student’s independence
  4. Keep the lessons simple & brief
  5. Encourage the student to think on her own & explain her reasoning to you
  6. Model effective & sensitive patient care
  7. Describe your thought process aloud to the student
  8. Allow opportunity for the student to practice what you have modeled
  9. Reinforce the student’s efforts & tactfully make any needed corrections
  10. Provide as much variety of experience as possible

Selected Readings

  • The Clinician-Educator's Handbook
    20 chapter book addresses a wide variety of issues of clinical education. Designed so that most chapters can be read free-standing and can be used as a reference when looking for specific information.  The authors have divided general teaching techniques (such as establishing goals and objectives, setting curriculum, and asking questions) into their own chapters, distinct from setting-specific chapters.
  • Wiese JG, ed. Teaching in the Hospital. Philadelphia: ACP Pr; 2010.
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Learning Modules

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