Preparing to Teach


Teaching medicine in the hospital provides unique challenges and opportunities. The nature, diversity and pace of the setting allow teaching about a wide range of both clinical and non-clinical practices in the hands-on mode to which students respond most favorably. In addition to integrating basic science knowledge with the practice of clinical medicine, the teacher models skills of professionalism, interpersonal communication, patient safety and advocacy, team interaction, systems operation and change, and maintaining personal balance. Experiences in this environment are often rapid and intense. Learning can be very effective and lasting, particularly if the instructor plans carefully around a structured framework keeping specific goals and learning principles in mind.

One such framework involves adopting the perspective of a coach, and teaming with the students to stimulate learning that is timely, meaningful, and intrinsically motivating. You can read about this instructional approach in Teaching in the Hospital (by Jeff Wiese, MD), a selection from the ACP Teaching Medicine Series (2010).
Other important topics to become familiar with include:


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