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Technology in Medical Education

The application of Technology within Medical Education has been very useful to students in adapting to different learning styles. Technology has allowed for the classroom to become both more interactive and a greater in depth of content that was not possible before. It has enabled students to review material in greater depth than before allowing for better conceptual understanding and integration.

Learning Modules/Presentations

movie_fileMilllenial Learners (Presentation by Elaine Hicks and Phillip Walker of the MATAS Library)

The Use of E-Learning in Medical Education (IAMSE Webinar Series)

  • Lecture Capturing and Other Streaming Video Applications
    Peter Anderson
  • Engaging Students with Classroom Technologies
    Peter de Jong
  • Use of Simulations and Simulators in Medical Training
    John Szarek & Sheila Chauvin
  • Integration of E-Lessons into Face to Face Activities
    Mary Dankbaar
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media in Medical Education
    Rachel Ellaway
  • The Digital learning Environment of the Future: Teaching the Next Generation
    J.B. McGee

Medical Education and the Next Generation of Learners (IAMSE Webinar Series)

  • Creative Application of Technology in Medical Education
    Presenter: JB McGee
  • New Tools for Teaching the Next Generation
    Presenter: Sharon Dennis, M.S.
  • Faculty Development and Preparing Faculty for the Next Generation
    Presenter: Susan M. Pollart, MD, MS

Educational Technology Toolkit: A Consumer's Guide (IAMSE Webinar Series)

  • Electronic Response Systems: Getting Past Gimmick -
    Presenter(s): Dr. Susan Batten, Medical University of Ohio, Dr. Carlos Baptista, Medical University of Ohio
  • Finding, Organizing and Using Free Media Resources -
    Presented by Suzanne Stensaas, University of Utah
  • Formula for Delivering Digitized Lectures: Combine Technology, Faculty Perception, and Copyright Policy then Measure the Educational Outcome -
    Presented by Matt Jackson, Wayne State
  • Implementing Virtual Microscopy in Medical Education -
    Presented by Bob Ogilvie, Medical University of South Carolina

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