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Team-Based Learning Collaborative Public Site

This is the public site of the Team Learning Collaborative with public information about team learning, upcoming events, and information on how to obtain access to the TeamCrossing private site.

This is the link to give your colleagues asking for information about team learning.

Team-Based Learning

Online resources for developing and implementing TBLs in the curriculum.  This site has videos, PPTs, and an abundance of "how to" materials.

Team Based Learning – Resources at The University of British Columbia

Resources for implementing TBLs, e.g. PPTs, cases, and guides.

IF-AT Forms - Epstein Educational Enterprises

This links to information about IF-AT forms from Epstein Educational Enterprises. Here you can find FAQs and ordering information.

Derek Lane -- Articles and Presentation Materials

This is the link posted by Derek Lane at the Fourth Annual Conference. It contains his PowerPoint presentation and a list of articles on facilitation techniques.


MedEdPORTAL is a Web-based tool that promotes collaboration across disciplines and institutions by facilitating the exchange of peer-reviewed educational materials, knowledge, and solutions. Developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) MedEdPORTAL will serve as a central repository of high quality educational materials such as PowerPoint presentations, assessment materials, virtual patient cases, and faculty development materials.

Team-Based Learning in Medical & Health Sciences Education

Team-Based Learning in Medical & Health Sciences Education 4th Annual National Conference - Wright State University School of Medicine

A site dedicated to the promotion of the next TBL conference, June 2-4, 2005:

  • agenda
  • facilitators
  • registration
  • poster information
  • TBL resources
  •  hotels and local information

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