Quality Improvement Project


Tulane Code Gray September 2008 

The Department of Medicine at Tulane University Hospital has engaged in Quality Improvement projects at the section level, as well as a series of resident projects operated by each of the four residency firms. 

The department's residents and fellows are actively involved in all aspects of the projects including project selection, data collection, intervention planning and enactment.  They have been successful in maintaining fidelity to the tenets espoused by the Institute of Medicine's Committee on Quality Healthcare in America. The projects are aimed at making healthcare at Tulane safe, effective, efficient, timely, patient-centered, and equitable.

The Tulane Department of Medicine is developing and mentoring the next generation of patient safety and quality advocates, fulfilling our hospitals' JCAHO quality improvement requirements, as well as the ACGME practice-based learning and systems-of-care requirements.

The links to their projects are listed to the left. Listed below are useful references to Quality Improvement resources referred to in order to create these projects: 


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