Quality Improvement Project



Quality Cluster Leaders - Pediatrics
  • Dr. William Gill


A doctor examines a little patient.

The pediatric department at Tulane is committed to ensuring patient safety. Dr. William Gill is the department's quality cluster leader, and is running the quality improvement projects for the neonatology section within Pediatrics. These projects include the prevention of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in the NICU, and management of O2 in premature infants to prevent ROP and BPD. In addition the Neonatal NICU is also working with the Radiology Department on their quality improvement project to reduce radiation exposure to infants.

Other section projects include Dr. Frieberg of the Intensivists PICU section following PICU Lab or pharmacy issues including sendout labs and their effect on patient care in the PICU. Also they are tracking prevention of VAP in the PICU.

The Ambulatory section project is being led by Dr. Alchediak, and they are tracking the "no show" rate for clinic appointments, as well as their asthma Plan/Guideline.

The Allergy/Imunology section is tracking Heightt/Weight (Growth ) chart plotting on medical records of Peds patients under the supervision of Dr. El-Dahr.

The Infectious Diseases section of the Pediatrics Department is tracking PPD's, both in Utilization and return for interpretation, as well as Immunization issues. This project is being led by Dr. Silio.


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