Quality Improvement Project



Quality Cluster Leaders - Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Leslie Lawrence

Adult Psychiatry

Med School

At its core, the Q & I initiative in the Department of Psychiatry is focused on improving the mental health care of our patients. Doing so requires a thorough analysis of our clinical and educational programs, with emphasis on development of new policies and procedures as well as augmenting our strengths. In addition, we are committed to improving the range and depth of student and resident education in mental health care, both within Psychiatry and across medical specialties.

 Specific targets for assessment and improvement include: 

  • The Psychiatry Consult/Liaison Service – the C/L Service represents the most important avenue for Psychiatry to assist our medical colleagues with patient care. The Initiative is developing a comprehensive online system to track consults from inception to completion, with emphasis on timely evaluation and communication of findings. In addition, our system will allow us to track both psychiatric and general medical outcomes, thus providing valuable information on treatment efficacy.
  • Patient Safety – at the Tulane Behavioral Health Clinic, an additional goal of the Q&I initiative is to expand and improve the services provided; in particular, to incorporate medical screening procedures into the psychiatric assessment and treatment process to further ensure patient safety.
Project Results:

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