Quality Improvement Project



Quality Cluster Leaders - Radiology
  • Dr. Alan Jacobs


A patient at the School of Medicine.  

An ongoing concern for all Radiology departments is the issue of radiation exposure and patient safety.  At Tulane University Hospital & Clinic/HCA we have always tried to ensure that diagnostic examinations are obtained with the least possible amount of radiation to the patient.  

We have recently revamped our procedures in the neonatal unit to ensure that patient radiation is limited even further.  The process for requesting examinations has been revised to ensure that radiation is strictly limited to the portion of the patient's body specifically requested by the baby's physician, and additional shielding devices are being purchased as a further safeguard that there is no unnecessary radiation dose.  

Our Radiation Physicist will be meeting with physicians and other staff in the Neonatal Unit to review biological effects of radiation; he will also be meeting with the technical staff in the Radiology Department to review ways of ensuring that all examinations are completed with radiation limitation in mind.  We appreciate the leadership and cooperation of Dr. William Gill in helping us accomplish this important project.


The following results have been gathered regarding the Radiology Department's quality improvement project...

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