Quality Improvement Project



Quality Cluster Leader - Surgery
  • Dr. Charles Bellows


A doctor performs surgery.

The department of Surgery at Tulane University Hospital is pursuing multiple projects to  improve and ensure patient safety. MRSA has become a major cause of nosocomial and community acquired infections in the past few years. Our first project is a randomized control trial comparing decontamination vs standard antibiotic therapy for MRSA colonized patient receiving an implantable medical device. The primary endpoint is MRSA surgical site infection. Our hypothesis is that selective decontamination of MRSA colonized patient receiving an implantable medical device will decrease the incidence of nosocominal MRSA infections and MRSA surgical site infections, thereby improving patient outcomes.

An additional project is the implementation of a National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP). The intent of this program is to improve the quality of surgical care in adults on a national level. Its purpose is to provide reliable, risk-adjusted outcomes data so that surgical quality can be assessed and compared between institutions. Data analysis consists of reporting observed to expected ratios (O/E) for 30-day postoperative mortality and morbidity measurements.

The third project is a clinic improvement project. To improve the efficiency, delivery of outpatient services, pre-operative patient education process and resource utilization in surgery outpatient clinics.

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