Lab Services

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core

The Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Lab has a Becton-Dickinson FACS DiVa cell sorter, a Beckman-Coulter Galios analyzer, and a Beckman-Coulter Epics FC500 analyzer. The FACS DiVa cell sorter has 3 lasers and 10 fluorescent detectors giving it the ability to detect and sort most of the commercially available flow cytometry reagents. The Beckman-Coulter Galios analyzer has 2 lasers and 8 detectors, and the Beckman-Coulter FC500 analyzer has 2 lasers and 5 fluorescent detectors for fast and accurate analyses of samples.

Histology Core

The Histology Facility at TUHSC for Gene Therapy is a core laboratory available for researchers interested in quality frozen or paraffin embedded tissues.  With high quality work, reliable service, quick turnaround time and competitive pricing, Gene Therapy Histology Lab believes it makes a difference where you send your tissues. With over 16 years’ experience, we are committed to continue setting the standard of excellence in the services we provide. Call or stop by the lab anytime to discuss ways in which we can assist in your ongoing or future histological needs. We are located in JBJ, Room 343. The chart below lists some of the services we provide along with its corresponding cost recovery fee.  The cost recovery fee is to cover the cost of histology supplies.

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MATRIX DNA DIAGNOSTICS® performs Sanger Sequencing of the coding regions for disease processes involving the following genes: Collagen 1A1 (COL1A1), Collagen 1A2(COL1A2), Fibrillin 1 (FBN1), Collagen 2A1 (COL2A1), Collagen 11A1(COL11A1), and Collagen 10A1 (COL10A1).

Our technicians have been performing the testing since 2001 and are experienced with most of the idiosyncrasies of the genes. We have an extensive database for our use in interpreting rare mutations and polymorphisms. We routinely receive samples from nearly every part of the world.

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Tissue Culture Core

The Tissue Culture Core provides cells for research use within the department, as well as for distribution to other facilities. The core obtains hMSC’s from bone marrow donor samples and expands these cells for research use. The hMSC’s are also characterized for bone, fat and cartilage differentiation, and are stored on site for use. 

The Tissue Culture Core also handles the expansion and characterization of mouse and rat MSC’s. The animal cells are cultured in a separate area, and never interact with human derived cells. We also have a supply of hMSC’s marked with GFP+, Mito Red and Mito Blue available.

The facility is comprised of a series of sterile suites with multiple Biological Safety Cabinets and sterile incubators. The Tissue Culture scope is a Nikon Eclipse TE200 and is in JBJ Room 665 (tissue culture suite). Please give a completed IT to lab personnel at the time of use.

Microscopy Core Facility

Our scopes are under lock and key. Please bring a completed IT (Interdepartmental Transfer form) with you and give it to Krystal Brown in JBJ 650 before you check out the key.

Upright Scopes:

  • The “Upright” is the Nikon Eclipse E800 and is in JBJ Room 660
  • The  “Deconvolution” is the Leica DMRXA2 and is in JBJ Room 334

Inverted Scopes:

  • The “Timelapse” is a Nikon Eclipse TE200 and is in JBJ Room 623A
  • The Spinning Disk” is the Olympus BXS1W1 and is in JBJ Room 334
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