synergy logo7th Annual Faculty Research Synergy Event
The Audubon Tea Room
Wednesday, November 9th
6:00pm - 9:00pm

All basic and clinical science faculty who are research intensive/interested are strongly encouraged to attend this event. This will be an opportunity for all faculty interested in research to meet each other and exchange research IDEAS.
Faculty from Schools of Science and Engineering, Social Work, and Public Health are also invited.

  • Cocktails and Dinner will be provided
  • There will be special medical school and SSE announcements and awards by Deans Hamm and Altiero
  • RSVP is required along with summarized details on one’s research interests
  • 1. Specify your research interest:
  • 2. Summarize Details of your research interest.
  • If you have attended year's past and your research interests are still the same, I will use your same information for this year's resource booklet. Please indicate this when RSVPing on the weblink.

  • View the 2015 Synergy Resource booklet.


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Researcher Spotlight

ricardo mostany research

Ricardo Mostany, Ph.D.

Research focuses on forgetfulness and the aging brain.





1430 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112