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Lisa Mills Dougherty
Rural Outreach Initiative Mgr
1430 Tulane Ave. TB-3
New Orleans, LA  70112

Phone (504)988-2838




The Tulane Rural Outreach Initiative combines the resources, experience, and wisdom of rural communities with those of the University to partner in building healthy communities across the rural Gulf South.


To improve the health of rural communities.

About Us

The Rural Outreach Initiative at Tulane University School of Medicine is a program to address community health needs in rural communities of the Gulf South.  A top strategic priority for the Dean of the School of Medicine, this effort aims to make a positive difference in both the alarming dearth of physicians as well as the poor health indicators found in the region by creation of community-academic partnerships.

1430 Tulane Avenue, TB-3, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-2838