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Molecular & imaging Core

2. Cell culture workroom

Core Facility Contact Information:

2. Cell culture workroom
A separated room is dedicated for cell cultures. Included major equipments are:

  • Labconco’s purifier class II biosafety cabinet Heraeus’s cell incubator, and
  • Fisher Scientific’s inverted microscope.

FYI: The following is brief description of some major equipment:

A) Nexcelom Cellometer Automated Cell Counter
Nexcelom's Cellometer is an automated cell counter, which allows us to count cells, determine viability, measure cell sizes, etc. all with a click of a button in less than 30 sec. This set up will improve data quality, and provide additional data such like cell sizes and cell images, which can ultimately improve the research quality.

B) Next Advance Inc.'s Bullet Blender BLUE
Next Advance Inc.'s Bullet Blender BLUE is the homogenizer. It makes the homogenized samples from cells and tissues for protein, RNA or DNA work in a few minutes with air cooling.

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