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Hypertension & Renal Center of Excellence
1430 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112
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Tulane COBRE in Hypertension & Renal Biology Research


To Develop a comprehensive program of research on the pathophysiologic, genetic, dietary and environmental factors contributing to the development of hypertension and on the consequences of hypertension and its associated sequelae.



Hypertension afflicts 25-35% of the population and causes heart disease, kidney disease, coronary vascular injury, and stroke and associated brain damage.

Hypertension is a leading cause of chronic kidney disease and end stage renal failure in African-Americans. Louisiana is in the “stroke belt” where there is a greater incidence of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.



Hypertension is called, “The Silent Killer” because individuals may suffer hypertension for years and have undetected damage to various organs including the heart, brain and kidneys. Thus, severe damage often has taken place before interventions are initiated.

Pharmacological therapy has only moderately reduced the incidence of hypertension associated end stage renal failure.  There is a lack of mechanistic rationale for the utilization of specific therapeutic regimens. Therefore, better treatments founded on basic science discoveries are needed.



To delineate the pathophysiologic mechanisms responsible for the development and maintenance of hypertension and the processes that lead to progressive vascular injury and deterioration in target organ function.  To support junior faculty investigators representing basic, transitional, and clinical research in hypertension and related areas.




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