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Dr. Kevin DeAndrade, PGY-VII cardiology fellow
received the Dean of the School of Medicine Award for Excellence in Research and Presentation by a Resident of Fellow  "INCREASED INCIDENCE OF ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME FOLLOWING HURRICANE KATRINA IN NEW ORLEANS: THE IMPACT CONTINUES"

Alexander Michael Tabony,
received the Health Sciences Research Days Award for Excellence in Research and Presentation by a Postdoctoral Fellow “ANGIOTENSIN II UPREGULATES PP2Cα AND INHIBITS AMPK SIGNALING AND ENERGY BALANCE LEADING TO SKELETAL MUSCLE WASTING”

Dr. Joshua Burak, PGY-VI cardiology fellow,
received the SAFMR/SSCVI Trainee Research Award at the February 2012 Southern Society for Clinical Investigation and Southern Section of the American Federation for Medical Research Annual Conference for his oral abstract CHAGAS CARDIOMYOPATHY IN NEW ORLEANS: A CASE SERIES. Co-authors with Dr. Burak were Dr. Sumit Tiwari (PGY-V cardiology fellow), Dr. C Chakraborti and Dr. Gary Sander.

Sarah Galvez,
received the SAFMR/SSCI Student Research Award at the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation 2012 Southern Regional Meetings, New Orleans, LA, February 9-11, 2012. Sarah presented "ANGIOTENSIN II REDUCES SATELLITE CELLS AND SUPPRESSES MUSCLE REGENERATION" Sarah is a Graduate Student in the Cardiovascular Biology Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Patrice Delafontaine. Co-authors were Dr. Tadashi Yoshida, Dr. Sergiy Sukhanov, and Dr. Patrice Delafontaine, all members of the Cardiovascular Biology Research Laboratory.

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