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AlumniTulane University is extremely grateful to its alumni and friends for the strong financial support they have provided over the years. Unrestricted giving and giving targeted to particular programs and initiatives are critically important to the success of any great university and Tulane is no exception.

Under the Plan for Renewal, developed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University merged its programs in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering into a unified School of Science and Engineering. The School of Science and Engineering is an educational environment in which science and engineering are tightly interconnected; where scientists and engineers work together on problems of mutual interest; where current research in engineering is informed by current research in science and vice versa; and where students, regardless of their major field of study, have the opportunity to become familiar with concepts and methods of both science and engineering.

Support from alumni and friends is critical to the success of the School of Science and Engineering. To view a list of science and engineering degree programs, past and present, and/or to join our alumni and friends council, please visit the Alumni & Friends Council page.

To make an unrestricted gift to the School of Science and Engineering, please visit our donations page. Or you might want to consider an endowed fund supporting student scholarships or faculty positions. For more information on establishing an endowed fund in the School of Science and Engineering, please see the following documents:

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