Society of Tulane Engineers History

Murdock M. Snelling, Jr. with Jack GrubbsMurdock M. Snelling, Jr., Founder of STE (Left) with Jack Grubbs, Associate Dean for External Programs, at Fifty Year Reunion of STE.


The Society of Tulane Engineers was founded in 1951 as the school’s official alumni organization as a result of the initiative of Murdock M. Snelling, Jr. In the spring of 1950, Mr. Snelling, a civil engineering student in his senior year, paid a visit to faculty members Dr. Frank W. Macdonald and Col. Fred Fox to discuss the idea of forming a Tulane Engineering Society. At the recommendation of the professors, a committee consisting of Mr. Snelling and a senior from each department of the College of Engineering was formed. Articles of Association of the Society of Tulane Engineers were written by this committee and adopted at an official meeting held on October 4, 1951.

David R. Filo with faculty members  Johnette Hassell and Mark BenardDavid R. Filo (CompE '88) with faculty members Johnette Hassell and Mark Benard at Yahoo! Chair Investiture Ceremony.

The founders recognized the need for a concrete way that the alumni could remain connected to the school and could continue to contribute to its growth.

More than fifty years later the Society continues to play a prominent role in the activities of the school by hosting the Tulane Engineering Forum each fall, a cocktail party/annual meeting at homecoming, and an awards banquet each spring that recognizes student and faculty accomplishments. The Tulane Engineer, published biannually in association with the dean’s office, is designed to bring you the latest news of the engineering school and your fellow alumni. Your suggestions on ways the Society may better aid the alumni and the school are always appreciated.

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