Research Facilities and Opportunities for Students in Biological Chemistry

H-bondStudents majoring in Biological Chemistry are required to complete at least one year of research in a laboratory. While conducting their research, students have access to the research facilities which house equipment including several superconducting NMR spectrophotometers, x-ray diffractometers, high volume fermenters, french press for cell disruptions, PCR machines, ultracentrifuges, Silicon Graphics Computer for molecular modeling, stopped-flow spectrophotometers for monitoring fast kinetics, calorimeters, MALDI and electrospray mass spectrometers and other instrumentation common to all active chemistry and molecular biology departments.

Both the Cell and Molecular Biology and Chemistry departments have laboratories where undergraduates are welcome to do independent research. Some students have had their work included in publications in the literature of their field. The CMB department maintains a very useful website offering suggestions to students seeking a position for independent study in a laboratory.

Please consult the Faculty link in the top bar to find faculty participating in the Biological Chemistry program.

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