Graduate Student Programs

Prior to commencing coursework at Tulane, an entering graduate student will prepare a proposed curriculum in conjunction with his/her advisor. Prior to receiving the Master's degree, the student must present evidence of having completed the following courses, either at Tulane or at his/her undergraduate institution:

Courses normally taken as an Undergraduate

(numbers in parentheses are Tulane courses satisfying each requirement)

1 year of college physics
(PHYS 1310-1320)
1 year of college chemistry
(CHEM 1070-1080)
1 semester of biology with lab
(CELL 1010)
1 course in computer programming
(BMEN 2020)
3 semesters of calculus
(MATH 1210-1220, MATH 2210)
1 semester of differential equations
(MATH 2240)
1 semester of statics
(ENGP 1410)
1 semester of mechanics of materials
(ENGP 2430)
1 semester of fluid mechanics
(ENGP 3440)
1 semester of materials engineering
(ENGP 3120)
1 semester of circuits
(ENGP 2010)
1 semester of electronics (BMEN 2730)

Program for Students without an Engineering Degree

A special program has been developed for those with a B.S. or B.A. in a non-engineering discipline who wish to earn a degree in Biomedical Engineering. The entrance requirements are:

  1. An undergraduate degree with substantial science content including a year of calculus, a year of physics, a year of biology, and a year of chemistry;
  2. An undergraduate grade average of "B+" or better.

The program normally takes at least two years as follows:

First Year:

The student enrolls in the undergraduate division of the School of Science and Engineering as a non-degree-seeking student. The courses taken during the first year are typically the following, although the specific selection may be tailored to the student's background if some of the following have already been satisfied:

Fall Semester

  • ENGP 2010 Circuits
  • ENGP 2430 Mechanics of Materials
  • MATH 2210 Calculus III
  • BMEN 2310 Experiments and Experimental Design

Spring Semester

  • ENGP 1410 Statics
  • BMEN 2020 Computing Concepts
  • ENGP 3120 Materials Science and Engineering
  • MATH 2240 Intro to Applied Math

These courses do not count for credit towards a graduate degree. Academic performance in these courses determines whether the student is admitted to the undergraduate or graduate division at the beginning of the second year.

Second Year:

Students who complete the courses listed above with a grade point average of 3.00 or better may transfer into the BME Graduate Program. During the first semester of the second year, the student must pass BMEN 3440, Biofluid Mechanics, which does not count for graduate credit. Students who complete the courses listed above with a grade point average of less than 3.00 are given the option to apply to the undergraduate division of the School of Science and Engineering to complete the Bachelor's degree as a transfer student.

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