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Tulane University BMEN Undergraduate Curriculum


The undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering is built upon a rigorous engineering science foundation that is, in turn, based upon a broad curriculum of natural sciences, mathematics, electives in humanities and social sciences, and design. Although students are encouraged to concentrate their professional electives in a domain of interest in biomedical engineering or medical sciences (for pre-med students), there are no formal "tracks" within the sequence. The undergraduate curriculum is primarily designed to prepare our undergraduates for advanced study. More than two-thirds of our BSE graduates continue on to graduate or professional training after graduation from Tulane. We have a philosophy of 'rigorous breadth' in biomedical engineering which can best be characterized by the undergraduate curriculum described in the Student Handbook (link below).

Undergraduate Class Advisors

Dr. Lars Gilbertson is currently Director of Undergraduate Studies

Class of 2017

Dr. AndersonDr. Khismatullin

Class of 2018

Dr. MillerDr. Murfee

Class of 2019

Dr. BrownDr. Moore

Class of 2020

Dr. Bayer,  Dr. Gaver

Information for Undergraduate Students

Student Handbook

Tulane Course Listing 

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