Students Present Research at BME Society’s Annual Meeting October 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

BME Annual MeetingOur graduate and undergraduate students will presented papers at the BMES meeting in Hartford, Connecticut. Among the presentations:

“A cell-free system for the quantification of platelet aggregation on histamine stimulated endothelial cells” Theodore Brown and Damir Khismatullin

“Saline washing improves the ability of stored RBCs to perfuse an artificial microvascular Network” Jennie Burns, Jose Sosa, Omid Forouzan and Sergey Shevkoplyas

“Ex vivo study of ethanol enhanced cavitation activity in tissue exposed to high intensity focused ultrasound” C. Chen, Y. Liu, S. Maruvada, M. Myers, and D. Khismatullin

“Alveolar Membrane Strain Distribution near Deformed Lung Airways” Hideki Fujioka, David Halpern (University of Alabama) and Donald Gaver III

“Numerical and Experimental Validation of a Computational Program to Analyze Transport in Micromixers” Katharine Hamlington, Yuen-Yick Kwan, Hideki Fujioka and Donald Gaver III

“3-D numerical simulation of lateral migration and deformation of leukocytes in microfluidic flow” Hongzhi Lan and Damir Khismatullin

“A modular, portable, and electrically–independent flash sterilizer” Joan C. Lien, Hudson Chien, Jose M. Sosa and Mikolai J. Altenberg

“A computational investigation of surfactant transport during pulsatile airway reopening” Jerina Pillert, Hideki Fujioka, David Halpern (University of Alabama) and Donald Gaver III

“Lagrangian transport analysis of microfluidic experimental and computational pulsatile airway reopening models” Bradford Smith, Sarah Lukens (University of Pittsburgh), Eiichiro Yamaguchi and Donald Gaver III

“Development of simultaneous µ-PIV/Shadowgraph technique for flow-field analysis near the unsteady pulsatiling semi-infinite bubble tip under the influence of pulmonary surfactant” Eiichiro Yamaguchi, Bradford Smith and Donald Gaver III

“Traffic of Leukocytes in Microfluidic Channels with Rectangular and Rounded Cross-Sections” Xiaoxi Yang, Omid Forouzan, Jennie Burns and Sergey Shevkoplyas

Additionally, Dr. Gaver represented Tulane on the Council of Chairs and the AIMBE Academic Council, and Dr. Walker serves on the BMES Accreditation Committee.

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