Acoustic Levitation to Quantify Blood Coagulation

May 30, 2013

Acoustic LevitationProfessor Damir Khismatullin has just learned of a $164,000 grant from the Research Committee of the American Heart Association resulting from his proposal "Noncontact Measurement of Whole Blood Coagulation in Liver Transplant Patients." His lab will develop an acoustic levitation technique and device to measure the properties of blood.

Professor Khismatullin's collaborators is Dr. Joseph Buell, Professor of Surgery and Director of Tulane Transplant Institute. The consultant is Dr. R. Glynn Holt, Department from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University. The objective of the project is to develop a novel method for perioperative monitoring of whole blood coagulation in liver transplant patients in which a blood sample will be acoustically levitated in space. This noncontact approach offers several important advantages (small sample size, rapid and robust testing) over the existing methods to assess whole blood coagulation. Specific aims to achieve the objective are 1) to develop and validate the acoustic levitation technique for the measurement of rheological properties of fluids like human blood; and 2) to apply the acoustic levitation technique to whole blood samples from healthy volunteers and liver transplant patients to assess changes in rheological properties of coagulating blood in transplant patients.

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