Undergraduate Student Achievement Awards

Kenneth H. Kuhn, Sr. Memorial Award 2006

KuhnThis award recognizes the efforts of our biomedical engineering seniors who have participated in a year-long team design project. Design teams are assembled with three or four students who then meet with a disabled client from the New Orleans community and work during the senior year to design a device, process, or procedure to help that particular individual.

During the spring semester, the team designs are presented in a public show, and evaluated by a panel of judges, and we generally honor the team with the highest score by presenting certificates to the winners.

From 1993-2005, teams were able to count on the assistance of Kenneth H. Kuhn, our biomedical engineering lab coordinator and instructor who provided invaluable assistance to our students as they sought to take their ideas and make them into workable devices. The award was named in Kenny's honor in 2006.

2018 Team Tendon Love& Care: Carly Askinas, Emma Bortz, Erika Chelales, Madison Vanosdoll

2017 Team Nose Goes: Sam Luethy, Zach Murdoch, Cody O'Cain, Keith Watza

2016 Health.e: Madeleine Bishop VanHorn, Christopher Miller, Victoria Morris, Jonathon Nguyen

2015 Team 37 Degrees: Jennifer Boudreaux, Thomas (Alex) Itin, Sabrina Lynch, Hakm Murad, Daniel Sazer

2014 Team Inventilator: Daniel Ash, Caroline Edwards, Stephen Lee, Connor MacCrimmon, Dylan Sylvester, George Torsilieri. Mentored by Prof. Gaver.

2013 Yoni Kaplan, Carrie Griffith, Kelly Smith, Ellie Rodebeck, Gisele Calderon

2012 Atman Dave, Matt Gianetti, Kristina Farragut

2011 John Pitre, Joan Lien, Hudson Chien

2010 Xavier Alvarez, Lin Bai, James Gallagher, Todd D. Johnson

2009 Danielle Gill, Chris Millan, Chris Rodell, Scott Vermeulen

2008 Taylor E. Moss, Anne Marie Norman, Molly Oehmichen, K. Noel Schexnayder

2007 Jonathan N. Byrd, Paul E. George, Henry W. Glindmeyer, Ziev B. Moses

2006 Megan Bevill, Tal Drori, Grey Nuttal, Jordan Sangerman

Biomedical Engineering Senior Scholar Award, 2018

For outstanding Senior Honor Thesis in the Department of Biomedical Engineering

2018:  Matthew Nice

Cronvich Award, 2016

The student selected by the faculty for outstanding achievement in biomedical engineering studies:


2018:  Madison Vanosdoll
2017:  Cody O'Cain
2016:  Clayton B. Ford

Alpha Eta Mu Beta Outstanding Student, 1984

Awarded to a junior in Biomedical Engineering based on Outstanding Scholarship:

2018 Nathan P. Nguyen

2017 Erika Chelales

2016 Joy Jason

2015 Reed M. Gioe

2014 David C. Sloas

2013 Jennifer E. Lastimosa

2012 Aubrey Kraft

2011 Hudson Chien

2010 Christina Yee

2009 Todd D. Johnson

2008 David W. Martin

2007 Samantha B. Weil

2006 Jonathan N. Byrd & Emily Florine

2002 Albert J. Stolz

2001 Daniel John Jung

2000 Mary C. Maleckar

1999 Gregory Wilde

1998 James K. Wall

1997 Ezana M. Azene

1996 Vipul Kapoor

1995 Amelia Smith

1994 Brett M. Wingeier

1993 Angela L. Smith

1992 Michael B. Castor

1991 Laura A. Miller

1990 Jeff Emory

1989 George Liu

1988 Mark Cardinal

1987 Susannah W. Parrish

1986 Leilani Tamura

1985 Henry Pavy

1984 Mark Rubenstein


Nissim Nathan Cohen Award, 1977

Given annually in memory of Nissim Nathan Cohen of the class of 1986 to the graduating senior in Biomedical Engineering who has contributed most to his class to his school and to the profession of Biomedical Engineering (formerly called the Award for Outstanding Service):

2018 Sean LeBoeuf

2017 Joy Jason

2016 Christopher Miller

2015 Hakm Y. Murad

2014 Stephen J. Lee

2013 Angela M. Czesak

2012 Molly Kelly-Goss

2011 Seth Figueroa

2010 Xun Liu

2009 Jacques Levet

2008 Caroline M. Haas

2007 William C. Kethman

2006 Ryan P. Griffin

2005 Amber Renee Combs

2004 Alyssa M. Alter

2003 Meghana B. Kamath

2002 Rubén A. Rodríquez

2001 Kimberly A. Bridges

2000 Sylvester K. Johnson, III

1999 Paul George

1998 Ezana M. Azene

1997 Suzanne L. Baker

1996 Marc D. Bingham

1995 Brett M. Wingeier

1994 Douglas P. Kraus, Jr.

1993 Lamar Brand

1992 Laura A. Miller

1991 Rolf A. Grage

1990 Marta Villarraga

1989 Zillah Maria Oden

1988 Michael Artigues

1987 Erich W. Wolf, II

1986 Nissim N. Cohen

1985 Lacey Moore

1984 Nelson P. Trujillo, Jr.

1983 Hector A. Murra

1982 Marc J. Starer

1981 Henry Perez

1980 Patrick I. Borgen

1979 Francisco A. Arabia

1978 Kevin C. Dellsperger

1977 Tom Broaddus Price, Jr.

Tulane Biomedical Engineering Society Scholarship Award, 1977

Awarded to the biomedical engineering senior with the highest scholastic average:

2018 Erika M. Chelales

2017 Joy Jason, Allen D. Zhang

2016 Reed M. Gloe

2015 David C. Sloas

2014 Jennifer E. Lastimosa

2013 Aubrey A. Kraft

2012 Matt Gianetti

2011 Christina Yee

2010 Todd D. Johnson

2009 David Martin

2008 Samantha B. Weil

2007 Jonathan N. Byrd, Emily Florine

2006 Nathaniel C. Lawson

2005 William R. Winter

2004 William Yancey

2003 Joseph Edward Olberding

2002 Mary C. Maleckar

2001 Maximillian E. Zimmer IV

2000 Lee P Lovejoy, Gregory Emmett Wilde, Jr.

1999 James Wall

1998 Ezana M. Azene

1997 Vipul Kapoor

1996 Matthew Parsons

1995 Brett M. Wingeier

1994 Angela L. Smith

1993 Michael B. Castor

1992 Laura A. Miller

1991 Shawn A. Lewis

1990 Roy Benaroch

1989 Mark Cardinal

1988 Susannah W. Parrish

1987 Leilani R. Tamura

1986 Henry G. Pavy

1985 Mark Rubenstein

1984 Jeffrey R. Balser

1983 Philip Mark Rickman

1982 Eugene F. May

1981 Kevin A. Thomas

1980 Debra A. Baehr

1979 Benson T. Massey

1978 David R. Chandler

1977 Richard Max Benato

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