BME Professor Studies Spread of Breast Cancer

october 12, 2012

BME Professor Studies Spread of Breast Cancer Prof. Damir Khismatullin is a member of the international team that has been awarded a grant from the Skolkovo Foundation in Russia. His research role in the project is to study breast cancer metastasis in the lymphatic system, in the presence/absence of chemical agents synthesized from the composition of new lymph nodes that are formed in patients with late stage breast cancer.

The overall project is entitled "The creation of a new treatment for breast cancer on the basis of agents obtained through the neolymphogenesis stimulation and induction". Professor Khishmatullin is Co-Principal Investigator. The team leader is Prof. Shamil Gantsev, a prominent Russian oncologist. Other members of the team are Profs. Melody Swartz (EPFL, Switzerland) and Kazuo Umezawa (Keio University and Aichi Medical University, Japan). Swartz is the winner of a 2012 MacArthur Genius Award.

The Skolkovo Foundation supports innovative projects at the highest international level that will lead to world-class technologies patented in leading countries, including the United States of America and Russia. Each project supported by this foundation will lead to the formation of an international R&D company with the headquarters in Skolkovo (Russia). Such companies are called Skolkovo residents.

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