Getting High with Biomechanics

April 1, 2013

Getting High with Biomechanics Alexandra (Alie) Eiseman ’14 has been stilt-walking since she was 9 years old. Originally from Springfield NJ, she regularly juggles while stilt-walking in a clown suit to entertain hospital patients, and she’s the Minister of Minstrelcy for Tulane’s Benevolent Society for the Propagation of Assorted Tomfoolery and Other Sorts of Peculiar and Otherwise Baffling Nonsense, otherwise called the Juggling Club.

Getting High with Biomechanics


Alie’s extra-curricular interest has merged with an academic interest in biomechanics, and she was just awarded a Newcomb-Tulane Lurcy Grant to study and characterize a pair of advanced powerbocking stilts. Her research mentor, Dr. Ron Anderson, says “Alie will have a leg up on her competition if she decides to go to graduate school” and he particularly praises the application she wrote for the Lurcy grant “Her writing was absolutely clear, and there was nothing stilted about her research project description.”

Asked for advice on how to stay upright on stilts, Alie says “that’s a tall order…but in simple terms, just keep moving.”


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