Patent Filing Based on “Most Downloaded” Paper

December 18, 2011

Patent Filing Based on Most Downloaded PaperThis paper was co-authored by Xiaoxi Yang, Omid Forouzan, Theodore Brown and Sergey Shevkoplyas (Lab Chip 12(2): 274-80, 2011). This journal has a very high impact factor of 6.306. The paper describes the use of red blood cell agglutination for separating plasma from fingerprick volumes of whole blood directly in paper, and demonstrates the utility of this approach by integrating plasma separation and a colorimetric assay in a single microfluidic paper-based analytical device.

The first author, Xiaoxi Yang, is a 2nd year graduate student in Dr. Sergey Shevkoplyas’ lab. She has only been in the US for 16 months, and during that time she has published three papers, two as first author. Tulane filed a provisional patent application based on the technology described in this currently “most downloaded” paper.

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