Recent Ph.D. Recipient Earns First Prize

April 11, 2014

Lowry Curley a Recent Ph.D. Recipient Earns First Prize in poster presentation Lowry Curley earned first place in the prestigious "best graduate/post-doc poster presentation" category at today's School of Science and Engineering Research Day. His poster, A MICROENGINEERED 3D SENSORY NERVE MODEL TO ADVANCE DRUG DISCOVERY, was based on his Ph.D. dissertation research project.

The concept of using 3D cellular cultures and microscale engineered tissues as advanced benchtop models for toxicity screening and drug discovery has rapidly been gaining ground in recent years. The objective of our research was to develop a tissue model that mimics the structure and function of native peripheral nerves to provide laboratory data with improved correlation to clinical outcomes. Together, our results suggest that we can microengineer neural fiber tracts that resemble the morphology, physiology, and pharmacological responses of peripheral sensory nerve tissue, though additional validation and development is still necessary.

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