Undergraduate Design Team is Finalist in ASAIO Competition

May 8, 2013

tulane-toolFive BME Seniors, (Gabriela Nunez, Seth Vignes, Scott Kleinpeter, Nick Chedid, and Chris Cover) have spent the last 6 months designing a better endotrachael tube. These plastic tubes are used to connect mechanical ventilators to the respiratory system in patients who aren't able to breathe on their own. The students submitted their design to a competition sponsored by the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) and they were chosen as one of the top finalists. The final competition is in Chicago on June 13, and ASAIO has offered a travel scholarship to allow a member of the design team to present the project before a panel of judges in Chicago.

tulane-tool-drawingThe students, who call themselves "Team Cut-Throat" developed a modified laryngeal mask airway (LMA) with a dual lumen to allow for continuous bronchoscopic assistance while maintain the original, unobstructed endo-trachael tube in place for continuous ventilation. The modification to the FDA approved disposable LMA will reduce intra-operative complications, and it also offers protection of the posterior tracheal wall, and a back-up airway channel.

Prototype development for the EZView has been relatively straightforward due to current technology such as 3D-printing and commercially available medical Dymax See-Cure adhesives to assemble the device similarly to current LMA assembly procedures.

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