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A Leader in Vascular Bioengineering Research

VascularBioengineeringWith the recent hire of junior faculty members in the areas of angiogenesis (Dr. Lee Murfee), leukocyte mechanics (Dr. Damir Khismatullin), microfluidic devices (Dr. Sergey Shevkoplyas), and stem cell mechanobiology (Dr. Taby Ahsan), Tulane’s Department of Biomedical Engineering is positioned to be a leader in vascular bioengineering research. Design of therapies for some of today’s most challenging biomedical related diseases, such as tumor metastasis, atherosclerosis, cardiac infarction and hypertension, will require an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how we can manipulate the microcirculation. Integration of ongoing research on the directing stem cell differentiation into vascular cells via mechanic cues, cell recruitment to sites of inflammation, and the growth of functional vessels will offer new paradigms for future microvascular research. More importantly, the combination of the computational, in vitro, and in vivo experimental expertise within the Department of Biomedical Engineering Department has established a unique environment at Tulane for vascular research.


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