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Tips on getting the most out of your graduate study, your relationships with other academics, and on perfecting your research techniques.

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This handbook is a collection of guidelines and other useful information especially designed for graduate students in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department. Its purpose is to provide the student with a clear description of the academic regulations that the student is expected to follow during graduate study, to describe the facilities and support available to the student within the Department and University, and to aid the student in getting settled and adjusting to life at Tulane and in New Orleans.

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The information provides a guide for new and continuing graduate students on matters relating to graduate curriculum, graduate policies and procedures, forms needed during the completion of the degree, university policies, campus offices, and practical information on New Orleans.

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Reimbursement Protocols

When requesting reimbursements, please refer to this document to guide you through the process. Below are the possible links that you will need, along with two examples of reimbursement requests:

- Travel Reimbursement Checklist
- Travel Expense Itemization Form
- Example of Travel Reimbursement
- Example of Non-Travel Reimbursement

Other References:
- GSSA Travel Fund Page
- GSSA Expense Itemization Form
- GSSA Travel Reimbursement Checklist
- SSE Dean's Office Reimbursement Form

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