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Peer-Reviewed Publications (2 in preparation) and Patents (* Corresponding Author)


KC Russell, HA Tucker, BA Bunnell, M Andreeff, W Schober, AS Gaynor, KL Strickler, S Lin, MR Lacey and KC O’Connor*. Cell-surface expression of neuron-glial antigen 2 (NG2) and melanoma cell adhesion molecule (CD146) in heterogeneous cultures of marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Tissue Eng Part A, 19: 2253-66 (2013).

KC O’Connor and KC Russell. Method for identification and culture of multipotent mesenchymal stem cells with high proliferation potential. Utility patent application 13992953, USA; 11851821.6, Europe; 2818699, Canada; 2011349168, Australia; 2013-546358, Japan (2013); 201180061596.0, China (2013).

K O’Connor*, BL Barrilleaux, DG Phinney, BW Fischer-Valuck, KC Russell and DJ Prockop. Regulating in vitro motility of human mesenchymal stem cells with macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) and a small-molecule MIF antagonist. Cellular Solutions for Clinical Challenges, N Jenkins, N Barron and PM Alves, Eds. (Springer Publishers, Netherlands, 2012), 149-160.

KC Russell, MR Lacey, JK Gilliam, HA Tucker, DG Phinney and KC O’Connor*. Clonal analysis of proliferation potential of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells as a function of potency. Biotechnol Bioeng, 108: 2716-26 (2011). [FEATURED ARTICLE; K O’Connor earned the 2013 Gaden Award from Biotechnology & Bioengineering for this article.]

KC Russell, DG Phinney, MR Lacey, BL Barrilleaux, KE Meyertholen and KC O'Connor*. In vitro high-capacity assay to quantify the clonal heterogeneity in trilineage potential of mesenchymal stem cells reveals a complex hierarchy of lineage commitment. Stem Cells, 28: 788-98 (2010). [Among Top 50 Downloaded Articles in Stem Cells for March 2010]

BL Barrilleaux, BW Fischer-Valuck, JK Gilliam, DG Phinney and KC O'Connor*. Activation of CD74 inhibits migration of human mesenchymal stem cells.In Vitro Cell Dev Biol - Anim, 46: 566-72 (2010).

BW Fischer-Valuck, BL Barrilleaux, DG Phinney, KC Russell, DJ Prockop and KC O'Connor*. Migratory response of mesenchymal stem cells to macrophage migration inhibitory factor and its antagonist as a function of colony-forming efficiency. Biotechnol Lett, 32: 19-27 (2010).

BL Barrilleaux, DG Phinney, BW Fischer-Valuck, KC Russell, G Wang, DJ Prockop and KC O'Connor*. Small-molecule antagonist of macrophage migration inhibitory factor enhances migratory response of mesenchymal stem cells to bronchial epithelial cells. Tissue Eng Part A, 15: 2335-46 (2009).

KC O'Connor*. An introductory course in bioengineering and biotechnology for chemical engineering sophomores. Chem Eng Edu, 41: 247-52(2007).

K O'Connor*, C Vidulescu, S Clejan, H Song and M Venczel. Predicting tissue assembly of prostate cancer spheroids. Cell Technology Processes for Cell Products, R Smith, Ed. (Springer Publishers, Netherlands, 2007), 297-302.

KC O'Connor*,JW Muhitch, DJ Lacks and M Al-Rubeai. Modeling suppression of cell death by Bcl-2 over-expression in myeloma NS0 6A1 cells. Biotechnol Lett, 28: 1919-24 (2006).

BL Barrilleaux, DG Phinney, DJ Prockop and KC O'Connor*. Ex vivo engineering of living tissue with adult stem cells. Tissue Eng, 12: 3007-19 (2006). [FEATURED ARTICLE]

 KC O'Connor* and M Venczel. Predicting aggregation kinetics of DU145 human prostate cancer cells in liquid-overlay culture. Biotechnol Lett, 27:1663-8 (2005).

KC O'Connor*.  Incorporating molecular and cellular biology into a chemical engineering degree program. Chem Eng Edu, 39: 124-127 & 133 (2005).

H Song,S Jain, RM Enmon and KC O'Connor*. Restructuring dynamics of DU 145 and LNCaP prostate cancer spheroids. In Vitro Cell Dev Biol - Anim, 40: 262-7 (2004). [FEATURED ARTICLE]

C Vidulescu, S Clejan and KC O'Connor*. Vesicle traffic through intercellular bridges in DU 145 human prostate cancer cells. J Cell Mol Med, 8: 388-96 (2004).

H Song,O David, S Clejan, CL Giordano, H Pappas-LeBeau, L Xu and KC O'Connor*. Spatial composition of prostate cancer spheroids in mixed and static cultures. Tissue Eng, 10: 1266-76 (2004).

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