Noshir S. PesikaNoshir S. Pesika
Associate Professor

Phone: (504) 865-5771
Website: Research Website

333 Lindy Boggs Building
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118-5674

Research Interests

The overarching theme of our current research is the development of “smart” materials; i.e., materials that have been judiciously designed (through surface chemistry or topography) to perform a function when stimulated externally or offer enhanced properties based on their design. My research group consists primarily of experimentalists although our approach relies heavily on a fundamental understanding of the underlying physics before the development of applied “smart” materials. Examples of such materials include biomimetic directional adhesives, anisotropic catalysts with enhanced catalytic activity, novel oil dispersant formulations which prevent oil from adhering to marine surfaces, and ultra-low friction surfaces and lubricants formulations. The projects have been supported by the National Science Foundation, Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, and the Louisiana Board of Regents.

Pesika's Research Pesika's Research

Pesika's Research Pesika's Research

300 Lindy Boggs Center, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118, T: 504-314-2914, F: 504-865-6744