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Hank Ashbaugh Receives a National Science Foundation Career Award
January 31, 2008

AshbaughHank Ashbaugh is working hard to unravel the mystery of unstructured proteins in the human genome, and he’s on a roll. An assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Tulane, he has received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award and $431,000 in research funding for a five-year study.

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CBE Welcomes Dr. Lawrence R. Pratt as the Herman and George R. Brown Professor in Chemical Engineering January 2008

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Top ⇑Fall 2007

Hank Ashbaugh Selected for Tulane Presidential Early Career Award October 9, 2007

ashbaugh-pres-awardWhy is disorder the state of a quarter of the proteins in our bodies? asks Henry Ashbaugh. By asking questions like this about expanded and unstructured proteins and exploring answers through thermodynamics, Ashbaugh has received the Tulane President’s Early Career Development Award.

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"New Orleans a Beacon For Young People" August 18, 2007

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