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CBE News Wave | 2016 Issue

Julie Albert Wins CAREER Award

Julie Albert, Assistant Professor and the Robert and Gayle Longmire Early Career Professor was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant through the Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (CBET) Division The CAREER pro-gram is the NSF’s most prestigious junior faculty award program, recognizing out-standing integration of re-search and education. In her proposal, Dr. Albert described a plan for coupling basic thermodynamic principles with experiments to investigate the morphology of nano- and micro-structured polymer films. Long term, these materials will contribute to next generation technologies like medical diagnostic devices that are more accurate and portable; electronic devices that are faster, smaller, and capable of storing more information; and energy sources that are cleaner without sacrificing capacity or power. The cornerstone of Dr. Albert’s education plan was integration of re-search and education by developing Service Learning course offerings in which students apply their academic learning to service activities that highlight the role of engineers in the community. "I feel very fortunate and honored to have received this award, and I am excited about implementing the re-search and education plans I proposed,” Dr. Albert says of the grant, which began officially on July 1. "I have had several fantastic mentors both at Tulane and at other institutions whose advice has definitely contributed to my success."

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