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Tulane Energy Institute »

The Tulane Energy Institute's mission is to provide educational opportunities and pursue research programs that are aimed at improving the understanding of the integration of energy markets, policy, technology, and the environment. The Institute provides an organizational framework for Tulane's energy-related initiatives. These initiatives include education programming in energy finance, risk management, and trading, applied and basic research, industry partnerships, and the development of a skilled pool of employee talent to work in the industry and related financial institutions.

Tulane Oil Spill Response »

Recovery from the Horizon spill is expected to take years, if not decades. The event is also expected to change state and national policies on oil exploration that will have lasting effects on the economies, cultures and environments of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Tulane University is taking collaborative and preemptive actions to build institutional capacities that will speed recovery and help shape the post-Horizon sociopolitical landscape.

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