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2014-04-15 - Kathleen Hoffman
2014-10-14 - Howard Elman


About the Center for Computational Science

The Center for Computational Science at Tulane University is one of the first Centers established in the Gulf region to focus on multidisciplinary computational science research projects. The Center provides an infrastructure for investigators interested in computational science to exchange ideas and establish new collaborations that combine theoretical and experimental work with computation. The initial phase to establish the Center was made possible through funds from the U.S. Department of Energy and Tulane University. The Center, with 2 permanent staff members and 4 postdoctoral researchers, began operations at Tulane University in June 2001. Since then, it has grown to 3 permanent staff members and 7-8 postdoctoral researchers annually. Many Tulane faculty members from several departments are involved in Center projects. The CCS also runs a seminar series with local and outside speakers.

Yeast Nucleosome
Jigsaw-Rendered Yeast Nucleosome - Sergei Ponomarev Post - Doctoral Researcher

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