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Computing Hardware Resources

amd_opteron_175The computing environment consists of a high-speed network backbone that interconnects the compute nodes to one another, as well as to the network storage. The Center uses all AMD Opteron hardware for it computing needs. The Center maintains two Linux clusters, Ares and Sphynx. Their technical specifications are listed below:

Ares Linux Cluster:

  • Processors: 252 2.0-2.4 GHz AMD Opteron
  • Network bandwidth: 10Gb/sec Infiniband
  • Memory: 504GB (2GB/core)
  • Disk Array: 20TB via 1Gb/s Ethernet

Sphynx Linux Cluster:

The Center's newest cluster, Sphynx, is built from leading edge hardware. Each node is equipped with a 4-socket motherboard with 8-core AMD Opteron processors. With 32 cores and 128GB of RAM per node large SMP jobs are possible. The 40Gb/s Infiniband network provides the fastest MPI message passing available, along with IP over Infiniband access to our new 20TB scratch disk.

  • Processors: 576 2.4-2.8GHz AMD Opteron
  • Network bandwidth: 40Gb/sec Infiniband
  • Memory: 2.25TB (4GB/core)
  • Disk Array: 20TB via 40Gb/s InfinibandQLogic_logo

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