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2014-04-15 - Kathleen Hoffman
2014-10-14 - Howard Elman


2010/03/16 - Chris Kees


March 16th, 2010
101 Stanley Thomas Hall
Tulane University (Uptown)

Refreshments will be served


Chris Kees, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Conservative Level-Set Methods for Two-Phase Flow on Unstructured Meshes


Standard level-set methods do not conserve volume in incompressible multi-phase flows or mass for more general flows. The conservation errors are the result of describing the interface using a level set formulation and are not associated with any particular discretization. Since conservation errors accumulate over time to produce qualitatively incorrect approximate solutions, several researchers have attempted to address this issue by using hybrid level-set/volume-of-fluid and hybrid level-set/particle-tracking approaches. We will present a method for correcting the level set in such a way that the conservation error in the fully discrete model can be controlled, and we compare this approach to other recently developed approaches. The correction is defined as the solution of a nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation and is easy to apply in the context of unstructured finite element methods. We will present numerical results for two- and three-dimensional air/water flows where each fluid is governed by the Navier-Stokes equations. Numerical results will be presented for several standard level-set test problems as well as surface water applications of interest to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Center for Computational Science, Stanley Thomas Hall 402, New Orleans, LA 70118