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2014-04-15 - Kathleen Hoffman
2014-10-14 - Howard Elman


2013-03-05 - Saverio Spagnolie


Tuesday, March 5, 2013
316 Stanley Thomas Hall
Tulane University (Uptown)

Refreshments will be served


Saverio Spagnolie, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Mathematics


Hydrodynamics of self-propulsion near a boundary


The swimming kinematics and trajectories of many microorganisms are altered by the presence of nearby boundaries, be they solid or deformable, and often in perplexing fashion. When an organism's swimming dynamics vary near such boundaries a question arises naturally: is the change in behavior fluid mechanical, biological, or perhaps mediated by other physical laws? We isolate the first possibility by exploring a far-field description of swimming organisms, providing a general framework for studying the fluid-mediated modifications to swimming trajectories. Using the simplified model we consider trapped/escape trajectories and equilibria for model organisms of varying shape and propulsive activity. This framework may help to explain surprising behaviors observed in the swimming of many microorganisms and synthetic microswimmers.

Center for Computational Science, Stanley Thomas Hall 402, New Orleans, LA 70118