Past Events 2009-2010

Fall 2009 | Spring 2010


Fall 2009 Seminar Speakerstop ⇑

September 11

Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer: Did We Miss the Target?

Frank Jones, Ph.D.Associate Professor
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Tulane University New Orleans, LA

October 9

Perspectives on Non-Genomic Actions of Estrogen in the Brain

Nandini Vasudevan, Ph.D.Professor
Department Cell and Molecular Biology
Tulane University New Orleans, LA

October 23

Function and Regulation of B56 epsilon regulatory subunit of pp2a

Jing Yang, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Nationwide Children's Research Institute
Department of Pediatrics
Ohio State University

October 30

New Perspectives on the Reproductive Biology of Basal Angiosperms (ANITA grade)

Leonard Thien, Ph.D.Professor
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Tulane University New Orleans, LA

November 6

MicroRNAs play a Big Role in Central Nervous System Development

Tao Sun, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Cornell University - Weil Medical College Ithaca, NY

November 13

Decoding the vascular system

Shusheng Wang, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Department of Opthalmology
UT Southwest Medical Center Dallas, TX

Novemeber 20

Cilia Formation and Function in Zebrafish

Zhaoxia Sun, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Department of Genetics
Yale University new Haven, CT

Spring 2010 Seminar Speakerstop ⇑

January 15

An Eye Opening Experience: Pattern Vision Changes Synaptic Signaling Molecules and Connectivity in the Developing Visual Pathway

Martha Constantine-Paton, Ph.D.Founding Member of the McGovern Institute
Department of Biology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

January 22

Toward a neurobiology of episodic memory

Howard Eichenbaum, Ph.D.Director of Center for Memory and Brain
Director of Cognitive Neurobiology Laboratory
University of Michigan

January 29

A Handful to balance: Twist Family bHLH Factors in Heart Morhphogenesis

Anthony Firulli, Ph.D.
Departments of Pediatrics, Anatomy, and Medical and Molecular Genetics
Riley Heart Research Center
Wells Center for Pediatric Research
Indiana University School of Medicine

February 5

FGF Signaling and Congenital Heart Defects

Margaret Kirby, Ph.D.Professor
Departments of Pediatrics(neonatology) and Cell Biology
Duke University Durham, NC

February 12

Re-emergence of a hopeful monsterin the age of genomics

S. Randal Voss, Ph.D.Associate Professor
Department of Cell Biology
University of Kentucky

February 26

Molecular Regulation of Gastrointestinal Development and Differentiation

Ramesh Shivadasani, Ph.D.Medical Oncologist
Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

March 5

Regulation of Cardiac Progenitors

Jim Martin, Ph.D.Professor
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Institute of Biosciences and Technology

April 30

The non-models weigh in: insights into the origin, pattern, and regeneration of vertebrate appendages

Randall DahnPrincipal Investigator
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
Salisbury Cove, Maine

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