Financial Support


  • All full time graduate students in the Chemistry program receive full tuition waivers.
  • All graduate students in Chemistry are supported by Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships or Board of Regents Graduate Fellowships.
  • Teaching Assistantships with an annual stipend for students entering the program is $23,800.
  • Board of Regents Graduate Fellowships are special scholarships offered to a few entering graduate students each year.  The stipend for these fellowships is $30,000 per year and the scholarship does not require service to the department.  The award is for four years of graduate study, contingent upon continued progress toward the Ph.D.
  • Research Assistantship stipends vary slightly among research groups (depending on the nature of the research funding), but are generally nearly the same as teaching assistantships.  In general, Research Assistantships provide support for continuing students.
  • All students will be required to pay University fees and maintain health insurance. Students electing to obtain health insurance through Tulane will receive a subsidy of $700 from the School of Sciences and Engineering to offset costs. University fees are typically approximately $1600 for the academic year.

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