Ph.D. Degrees Awarded

phd-awardsTulane University's Department of Chemistry has awarded over 250 doctoral degrees. Many of these awardees have gone on to be renown professors and senior research scientist throughout the world. Below is a list of the majority of these awardees, and some of their present positions.

*Note brackets indicate where our alumni went


Patricia Fontenot (Analytical Inorganic Chemist, Army Public Health Center)

"Synthesis, Characterization, and Photo-Catalytic Activity of Homogenous Molybdenum Sulfide Complexes Serving as Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts"
Research Advisor: James Donahue
July 24, 2018

Jacobs Jordan (Research Chemist, USDA-Cotton Chemistry & Utilization Unit)

"Noncovalent Interactions Behind the Direct and Inverse Hofmeister Effect"
Research Advisor: Bruce Gibb
May 17, 2018

Thong (Tom) Nguyen (Quality Control Chemist, Winderlabs LLC)

"Synthesis of Novel Water-Soluble Host-Guest Systems"
Research Advisor: Bruce Gibb
April 30, 2018

Matthew Hillyer (Research Chemist, USDA-Cotton Chemistry & Utilization Unit)

"Ion-responsive Supramolecular Assemblies in Aqueous Solutions"
Research Advisor: Bruce Gibb
April 26, 2018

Aditya Kulkarni (Intern-Scientist, Lonza)

"Synthesis and Investigation of Spectroscopic Properties and Excited State Electron Transfer Reactions of Pt(ii) NCN Type Complexes"
Research Advisor: Russ Schmehl
April 20, 2018


Kaiya Wang

"Reactions and Protections Using Supramolecular Compartments"
Research Advisor: Bruce Gibb
November 14, 2017

Folasade Faulkner (Tulane University)
"METALLIZED POLYMERS: Exploration and Development of a Laser Engineered Metal Interlayer in Noble Metal-doped BTDA/ODA Polyimide Films"
Research Advisor: Brent Koplitz
August 31, 2017

Hong Zhang (Scientist, Brewer Science)
"The Design and Synthesis of Porphyrin Nanoparticles via Self-assembly with Macrocycles and Macromolecules"
Research Advisor: Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah
January 9, 2017


Joel Leger (Research Associate, University of Washington in Seattle)
"The Automation of a Dual-Frequency 2DIR Spectrometer and Its Use in 5th-Order 2DIR""
Research Advisor: Igor Rubtsov
December 1, 2016

Arkady Kurnosov (Postdoc, University of Houston)
"Theoretical Investigation of Ultrafast Energy Transport in Polymer Chains"
Research Advisor: Alex Burin
August 4, 2016

Angelique Greene (Postdoc, Washington University in St. Louis)
"Neutral Diamagnetic Complexes of Tungsten (II): Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and their Misidentification in X-ray Crystallography"
Research Advisor: James Donahue
July 14, 2016

Xin Geng (Industrial Postdoc, Huahai US)
"New Chiral Aromatic Architectures"
Research Advisor: Robert Pascal
July 14, 2016

Mengyuan Zhu (LC-MS/MS Technologist, United Clinic Laboratory)
"Self-Assembly of Multi-chromophoric Nanostructured Materials"
Research Advisor: Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah
June 17, 2016

Cooper Battle (Assistant Professor, Grinnell College)
"Development of Oligonucleotide and Host-Guest Based Supramolecular Sensors for Biological Applications"
Research Advisor: Janarthanan Jayawickramarjah
April 5, 2016

Elupula Ravinder (GPC Instrument Specialist, Tosoh Bioscience LLC)
"Synthesis and Characterization of Cyclic Polystyrene Using Copper-catalyzed Alkyne-azide Cycloaddition Coupling - Evaluation of Physical Properties and Optimization of Cyclization Conditions"
Research Advisor: Scott Grayson
January 22,2016

Ted Shaner
"Synthesis and Characterization of Carboxylic Acid Functionalized Silicon Nanoparticles"
Research Advisor: Mark Fink
January 8, 2016


Xiaoye Su (Scientist, Biogen)
"DNA Hybrid Nanosystems and Small Molecules for Micro RNA Detection, Drug Release and Protein Binding"
Research Advisor: Janan Jayawickramarajah
December 11, 2015

Yuxi Gu (Mass Spectrometry Lab Supervisor, Empire City Laboratories)

"Investigations of Silicon Nanoparticle based Hybrid Nanocomposites by Olefin Metathesis Polymerization"
Research Advisor: Mark Fink
November 23, 2015

Brittany Casey (Forensic Chemistry Technical Manager, Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences)

"Branched Polymer Architectures Based on BIS-(Hydroxyethyl)Propionic Acid: The Synthesis and Characterization of Mass Spectrometry Calibrants and Polymeric Amphiphiles"
Research Advisor: Scott Grayson
October 9, 2015

Jie Zong (Postdoc, Penn State University)
"Unusual Crowded Organic Architectures"
Research Advisor: Robert Pascal
September 17, 2015

Natalia Rubtcova (Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania)

"Ballistic Energy Transport in Molecules Studied by Relaxation-assisted Two-dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy"
Research Advisor: Igor Rubtsov
August 19, 2015

Bing Shan (Postdoc, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

"Photoinduced Electron Transfer Systems for Generation of Strong
Reductants /Oxidants and Their Applications in Solar Fuel Generation"

Research Advisor: Russ Schmehl
June 29, 2015

Yuankai Yue (Postdoc, University of Houston, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
"Study of Electron and Energy Transfer Modulation in Molecules Using Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy"
Research Advisor: Igor Rubtsov
May 21, 2015
Boyu Zhang (Scientst, Brewer Science)
"Star and Cyclic Shaped Macromolecular Architectures Prepared using Copper-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition: Synthesis, Purification and Characterization"
Research Advisor: Scott Grayson
April 20, 2015


Tod Grusenmeyer (Postdoc, Tulane University)
"Spectroscopic Investigation of Intersystem Crossing, Electron Transfer, and Energy Transfer in Sn(IV), Re(I) and Ru(II) Complexes in Solution"
Research Advisor: R. Schmehl (December 2014)
Li Kuang
"Mechanochemical Synthesis, Characterization and Functionalization of Vinyl terminated Silicon Nanoparticles"
Research Advisor: M. Fink (November 2014)
Skylar Ferrara (Postdoc, Oregon Health & Science University)
"Synthesis, Structures, and Reactivity of Biologically Relevant Sulfur-Containing Copper(I) Complexes"
Research Advisor:  J. Donahue (September 2014)

Wei Shen (Res. Assistant, US Nano, Tampa, Fl)
"Novel Chemistry using Molecular Beams"
Research Advisor:  M. Sulkes (September 2014)

Zejing Xu 
"Synthesis,Characterization and Functionalization of Silicon Nanoparticle based Hybrid Nanomaterials for Photovoltaic and Biological Applications"
Research Advisor:   Mark Fink (August 2014)

Miaomiao Xie
"Glycosidic Bonds, Making and Breaking"
Research Advisor:   L. Byers (May 2014)


Gilbert Kosgei (Postdoc, Virginia Tech)
"Synthesis and Photophysical Characterization of Re(I) and Ru(II) Complexes:  Potential Optical Limiting Materials and Light Harvesting Systems"
Research Advisor:   R. Schmehl (December 2013)

Rajesh Shrestha
"Charge and Exciton Transport"
Research Advisor:   A. Burin (August 2013)

Nan Zhang
"Water soluble porphyrin based multichromophore arrays:  assembled on G-Quadruplexes and silicon nanoparticle scaffolds"
Research Advisor:   Janan Jayawickramarajah (November 2013)

Xiaozhu Chu
"Small Nolecule-linked DNA Oligonucleotides for Target Protein Recognition and Inhibition"
Research Advisor:  Janan Jayawickramarajah (October 2013)

John Leveritt (Postdoc, City College of New York)
"Charge Transfer in DNA:  Effects of Humidity and Molecular Vibrations on Detection and Rate of Hole Transport"
Research Advisor:   Alex Burin (June 2013)

Christopher Keating
(Postdoc, Emory University)
"Molecular Dynamics of Sulfur-containing Compounds Using Vibrational Spectroscopy"
Research Advisor:  Igor Rubtsov (April 2013)


Yong Yan (Postdoc, Princeton University)
"Metallo (W, Re, Pt) Dithiolene Complexes:  Synthesis, Crystallographic and Computational Characterization, Electro- and Photo-Chemical Properties"
Research Advisor:   J. Donahue (November 2012)

Upul Jayarathne [Postdoc, University of Chicago, Illinois]
"Reduction of CO2 to CO by Low-Valent Tungsten Complaints; Benchmark Compounds for Tungsten L1-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Synthesis, Structures and, IR Spectroscopy of Iron Dithiolene Nitrosyl Complex)
Research Advisor:  J. Donahue (October 2012)

Amelia Neuberger (Visiting Assistant. Professor, Loyola University, New Orleans, LA)
"Photophysical Properties and Photoredox Reactions of Some Transition Metal Complexes"
Research Advisor:  R. Schmehl (October 2012)

Tapas Purkait
(Postdoc, University of Alberta, Canada)
"Functionalization of the Mechanochemically Passivated Germanium Nanoparticles via "Click" Chemistry"
Research Advisor:  M. Fink (August 2012)

Michael J. Reale (Postdoc Research Associate at Advenchen Laboratories, LLC, Moorpark, CA)
"A Copnvergent Synthesis of B-(1-> 3)-D-Oligosaccharides"
Research Advisor:  H. Ensley (July 2012)

Zhiwei Lin
(UltraFast Systems, Florida)
"Vibrational Energy Transport and Electron Transfer in Molecules Investigate by Nonlinear Vibrational Spectroscopy"
Research Advisor:  I. Rubtsov (June 2012)

Valeriy Kasyanenko (Industry, DLA, Inc., Texas)
"Development of the Relaxation-Assisted 2Dir Method for Accessing Structures of Molecules and Its Application for Studying the Energy Transport on a Molecular Level"
Research Advisor:  I. Rubtsov (June 2012)

Sarah Tesar  (Asst. Professor, Georgia Highlands College- Georgia)
"Normal Mode Analysis of Charge Transfer and Internal Vibrational Energy Dynamics"
Research Advisor:  A. Burin (May 2012)


Jing Gu [Postdoctoral Associate National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO]
"Aryl-vinylene Bipyridine and Terpyridine Ligands and Their Ru(II) and Os(II) Complex Systems:  Potential Optical Limiting Materials"
Research Advisor:  R. Schmehl (August 2011)

Marco Giles  (Visiting Research Scholar at Texas A&M University)
"Divergent Polyester Dendronization of Macrocycles as a Platform for the Enhancement of Supramolecular Applications"
Research Advisor: S. Grayson (August 2011)

Mallory Cortez (Post-Doctoral Researcher, with Professor Theresa Reineke, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN)
"Synthesis of Poly(2-Oxazolines) with Tunable Architectures and Their Potential Biomedical Applications"
Research Advisor:  S. Grayson (October 2011)

Yejia Li (Research Scientist, Arkema, King of Prussia, PA)
Research Advisor:  S. Grayson (August 2011)

Jessica Hoskins  (AdolfMartens Post-Doctoral Fellow, with Dr. Steffen Weidner, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) Berlin, Germany)
"Architectural Studies of Macromolecules:  Synthesis and mass Spectral Characterization of Linear, Cyclic, and Star Polyesters"
Research Advisor:  S. Grayson (October 2011)

David Harris [Post doc Northwestern University]
"Molecular Switches:  DNA Chimeras with Responsive Protein Binding"
Research Advisor:  J. Jayawickramarajah (April 2011)

Boyd Laurent  (Research Scientist, Nalco, Sugarland, TX)
"Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Cyclic Polymer Architectures and Potential Applications"
Research Advisor:  Scott Grayson (July 2011)

Kristi Lebkowsky (Owner, Gymnastics Business, New Orleans, LA)
"Development of Visible Light Photolytic Systems for Hydrogen Generation:  Employing Square Planar Platnium or Nanoparticulate Nickel as Catalysts"
Research Advisor:  Russell Schmehl (April 2011)

Olga Samoylova  (Research Associate (Postdoc Fellow) Baylor University, Waco, Texas)
"Optical Excitations and Energy Transfer in One-Dimensional Nanowaveguides"
Research Advisor:  Alex Burin (April 2011)

Luning He  (Postdoc at South West Medical Center, Dallas, TX)
"Molecular Beam Study on Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds"
Research Advisor:  Mark Sulkes  (April 2011)


Jin Chen [Research Chemist, Fujian Institute of Research, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
"Ruthenium(II) Pyrene-Bipyridine Complexes :  Synthesis, Photophysics, Photochemistry and In Vivo Oxygen"
Research Advisor:  Russell Schmehl (July 2010)

Dawanne E. Poree [Program Officer, Army Research Office, Research Triangle Park, NC)
"Synthesis of Star and Cyclic Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymers an their Potential Biomedical Appliations"
Research Advisor:  Scott Grayson (August, 2010)

Maher Fathalla [Postdoc Northwestern University with Sir Fraser Stoddart]
"Supramolecular Assemblies Based on Porphyrins, Fullerenes, and Cyclodextrins:  Synthesis, Characterization, and Photophysical Properties"
Research Advisor:  J. Jayawickramarajah  (December 2010)

Gail Blaustein [Associate Professor, Benedictine College, Atchinson, KS]
"Charge and Energy Transport in One-Dimensional Nanomaterials"
Research Advisor: A. Burin (April 2010)



Kuppuswamy Arumugam (Assistant Professor  at St. Bonaventure University, New York)
"A Convergent Approach for Synthesis of Group 10 Linear Multimetallic Dithiolene Complexes"
Research Advisor: J. Donahue (September 2009)

Sriram Gopal Naraharisetty [Res. Assoc., ACRHEM, University of Hyderabad, Gachi Bowli Hyderabad]
"Novel Approaches in Dual Frequency 2DIR Spectroscopy"
Research Advisor: I. Rubstov

Kai-For Mo [Postdoc with Geert-Jan Boons at the University of Georgia, Athens]
"Synthesis of a Small Library of Linear and Branched b-(1->3)-D-Glucans: Octasaccharide to Hexadecasaccharide"
Research Advisor: H. Ensley

Kalpana Shankar [Research Chemist, Abbvie Chemical, Chicago, IL]
"Ligand-Ligand Triplet Energy Transfer in Tetrametallic and Monometallic Ru(II) Terpyridyl Oligo (Phenylene-Vinylene) Complexes and Synthesis and Photophysics of Tolyl Terpyridyl Pt(II) Complexes"
Research Advisor: R. Schmehl

Hong Shen [Postdoc at University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Pharmacy]
"Cleavage of O/S-Glucosides by Glycoprotein b-Glucosidase"
Research Advisor: L. Byers

Kothanda Rama Pichaandi [Postdoc with Fred Hawthorne at the University of Missouri]
"Synthesis of Strained Ring Compounds: Precursors Disilyne via Molecular Beam Method"
Research Advisor: M. Fink


Arun Narayan [Georgia Pacific Chemical, Georgia]
"Laser Assisted Formation of Carbon Toroids and Carbon Tubular Constructs"
Research Advisor: B. Koplitz

Srivathsa Vaidya [National Chemical Lab, Pune, India]
"Chemical Vapor Sensing, Luminescence pH Sensing, Solvatochromism and Photoisomerization of Phenylene-Vinylene Derivatised Terpyridine Molecules"
Research Advisor: R. Schmehl

Lucinda Pringle [Stennis Space Center, Mississippi]
"Cl, H, and D Photofragment Studies"
Research Advisor: B. Koplitz


Yuriy Sereda
"Interaction of Tunneling Systems"
Research Advisor: A. Burins

Emily Golden ( Asst. Professor, Germanna Community College, Virginia)
"Characterization of the Active Site & Mechanism Sweet Almond b-Glucosidase"
Research Advisor: L. Byers

Robert Combs [Hollyfrontier (Oil Refining & Logistics) Company, Artesia, New Mexico]
"Laser Pulse Duration and Electric Field Effects in the Pulsed Laser Deposition of Titanium Carbide"
Research Advisor: B. Koplitz

Kevin Simpson
"Coordination Chemistry of Lanthanide Metals with Functionalize Carboxylic Acids"
Research Advisor: J. T. Mague

Florastina Payton (Assistant Professor at Xavier University in New Orleans)
"The Synthesis of Novel Anticancer Agents Targeting the PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway"
Research Advisor: W. Alworth

Carolyn S. Reid (Assistant Professor, University of Mount Union)
"Methodology Studies on the Allylation of Organic Compounds"
Research Advisor: C. J. Li


Liang Chen
"Water-Compatible Reaction of SP C-H Bonds"
Research Advisor: C. J. Li

Patrick Sheridan  (Associate Professor, Georgetown College, KY)
"Toward the Total Synthesis of Cinncassiol D1 - A Novel Biologically Active Diterpene"
Research Advisor: H. Ensley

Iliana Medina-Ramirez (Professor of Chemistry, Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes)
"Chalcopyrite CVD Precursors Containing Silylated Ligands"
Research Advisor: M. Fink

Michael Johnson
"Applying Velocity Constraints to the Laser Spectroscopy of D and Cl Atom Photodissociation Products"
Research Advisor: B. Koplitz

Lakshmi Kaanumalle
"Controlling Photochemical Reactions Through Confined Spaces and Cations"
Research Advisor: V. Ramamurthy

Steven Michael Simpson
"Laser Interactions with Metal-doped Polymer Thin Films: Creating Metallic Interlayers"
Research Advisor: B. Koplitz

Arunkumar Natarajan
"Selectivity in Organic Photochemical Reactions Within Zeolites and In The Crystalline State"
Research Advisor: V. Ramamurthy


Catherine L. Higgins [Research Program Director, Gulf Coast Consortia]
"Unfolding and Stability Properties of the [2Fe-2S] Ferredoxins from the Hyperthermophilic Bacterium Aquifex Aeolics"
Research Advisor: Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede

Xianyong Wang [Technical Director, Hanson Group, LLC, Atlanta, GA]
"Oligo(phenylene-vinylene)Terpyridine Ligands and Their Ru(II), Pt(II) and Zn(II) Complex Systems: Synthesis, Photophysical and Photochemical Properties"
Research Advisor: R. H. Schmehl

James Mellot
"Formation Kinetics and Supercritical Growth of Self-Assembled Monolayers"
Research Advisor: D. Schwartz

Xiaofan Yang
"Synthesis of Multi-substitute Tetrahydropyrans and Thiacyclohexanes via Prins Cyclization and Its Application Towards Synthesis of Epicalyxin F and Calyxin I"
Research Advisor: C. J. Li

Top ⇑2003

David Odanga Apiyo [Senior Post-Doctoral Fellow, USDA Pullman, WA]
"The Role of the Cofactors in Folding of Desulfovibrio Desulfuricans Flavodoxin and Desulfoferrodoxin (DFX)"
Research Advisor: Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede

Sivaguru Jayaraman [Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University]
"Selective Photo-Transformations in Confined Media"
Research Advisor: V. Ramamurthy

Robert Boyle [Law Student, University of Colorado]
"The Interactions of Palladium(0) Complexes with Silanes"
Research Advisor: Mark Fink

Charlene Keh
"Development of New Methodology in Environmental Benign Solvents"
Research Advisor: C. J. Li

Grigor Bantchev [Post, doc, Russo Group, Louisiana State University]
"An Interfacial Protein Gel on B-Casein: Study of the Rheology and Nanostructure"
Research Advisor: Dan Schwartz

Keith Ponchot
"The Influences of Zeolite Environment on the Selectivity of Photoreactions"
Research Advisor: Harry Ensley

Top ⇑2002

Matthewos Eshete [Post Doc, Agris Group, NC State University, Raleigh, NC]
"Binding of Xenoestrogen Ligands to Estrogen Receptors and Effect of Xenoestrogens on the Binding of Estrogen Receptors to DNA Sequences"
Research Advisor: William Alworth

Irina Pozdnyakova [Post Doc at Yale University]
"Folding of Azurin: A Copper-Binding B-Barrel Protein"
Research Advisor: Dr. Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede

Sripathy Venkatraman [Research Scientist at Albany Molecular]
"Aqueous Metal-Mediated Reactions and Its Natural Product Synthesis"
Research Advisor: Dr. C. J. Li

Ganapathy S. Viswanathan [Research Scientist at Bordon Chemical Company, Louisville, KY]
"Lewis Acid Catalyzed Coupling and Cyclization Reaction to Synthesize Compounds of Biological Interests"
Research Advisor: Dr. C. J. Li

Smriti Koodanjeri [Science Faculty, Flintridge Preparatory School, CA]
"Controlling Photochemical Reactions Through Well Structural Hosts"
Research Advisor: Dr. V. Ramamurthy

Geoff Gomlak [Research Scientist at Ball Research, Albuquerque, NM]
"PLD of Hard Materials and Solar Cells"
Research Advisor: Dr. B. Koplitz

Jayaramachandran Shailaja [Post-Doc, Gin Group, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO]
"Selective Photo-Transformations in Constrained Media and Theoretical Investigationof the Excited State Nature of Acetophenones"
Research Advisor: Dr. V. Ramamurthy

Top ⇑2001

Xiaogang Hua
"Metal Mediated Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media & Their Applications in Total Synthesis of Natural Products"
Research Advisor: Dr. C. J. Li

John Haberman [Student at Tulane Law School, New Orleans, LA]
"Reactions in Alternative Media"
Research Advisor: Dr. C. J. Li

Lakshminarasi Pranatharthiharan [Senior Analytical Chemist, 3M Drug Delivery Systems]
"Photochemical Reactions in Zeolites-Effect of Acidity, Confinement and Non-bonding Interactions"
Research Advisor: Dr. V. Ramamurthy

Xiaodong Zhang [Instrument Specialist, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA]
"Extending Velocity-Aligned Doppler Spectrocopy with Applications to the Photolysis of 2-Iodopropane and Hydrogen Selenidine"
Research Advisor: Dr. B. Koplitz

Ann-Margret Andersson [Research Scientist, Johnson and Johnson, NJ]
"Redox Behavior and Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of Transition Metal Complexes in Mesoporous Films"
Research Advisor: Dr. R. Schmehl

Yue-Meng [Research Scientist, H&S Chemical Company, Cincinnati, OH]
"Aqueous Metal Mediated Reactions and Their Applications in Organic Syntheses"
Research Advisor: Dr. C. J. Li

Lawrence Baldwin [NAVAIR, China Lake, CA]
"Palladium and Platinum Complexes in Arylation and Silicone Forming Reactions"
Research Advisor: Dr. M. Fink

Rajendram V. Rajnarayanan [Post-Doc, Pattabiraman, Group, Georgetown Medical Center, Washing, DC]
"Effect of Natural and Synthetic Chemicals on Bacterial Cytochrome P450 Expression and Synthesis of Potential Cancer Chemopreventive Drugs"
Research Advisor: Dr. W. Alworth

Sundarajan Uppili [Post-Doc, Allara Group, Pennsylvania State University]
"Selectivity in Organic Photochemical Reactions Within Zeolite Matrices"
Research Advisor: Dr. V. Ramamurthy

Top ⇑2000

Michael Kelly
"Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films: Controlling Neutral Mixtures"
Research Advisor: Brent Koplitz

Federico Zahariev [Post Doc, Woo Group, University of Ottawa, Canada]
"Approaches to Excited-State Density Functional Theory"
Research Advisor: Mel Levy

Abraham Joy [Post Doc Schuster Group GaTech, Post Doc New Jersey Center for Biomaterials]
"Studies on Asymmetric Photoreactions in Zeolites"
Research Advisor: V. Ramamurthy

Manoj Warrier [Post-Doc Timpermann Group, West Virginia University]
"Selectivity in Photochemical Reactions Carried Out Within Zeolites"
Research Advisor: V. Ramamurthy

Xiaojie Yao [Research Associate, Duke University with Robert Lefkowitz]
"Inhibition of Glucosidases"
Research Advisor: L Byers

Christopher W. Riley
"Induction Studies of the P450 Gene in Bacillus Megaterium"
Research Advisor: W. L. Alworth

Georgi Nikov
"Interactions of Xenoestrogens with Human Estrogen Receptors"
"Designs and Synthesis of Mechanism-Based Inhibitors of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes"
Research Advisor: W. L. Alworth

Nicholette Prevost
"Photochemical & PhotoPhysical Studies of Organic Molecules in Zeolites: Energy & Electron Transfer"
Res Research Advisor: V. Ramamurthy

Ivo Doudevski [NIH Post-Doctoral Fellow, Regan Group, Yale University School of Medicine]
"Kinetic Mechanisms of Self-Assembled Monolayer Formation and Desorption"
Research Advisor: D. Schwartz

Xiaogang Hua
"Metal Mediated Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media & Their Applications in Total Synthesis of Natural Products"
Research Advisor: C. J. Li

Ani Ivanova
"Brewster Angle Microscopy Studies of Langmuir Monolayers Under Flow"
Research Advisor: D. Schwartz

Top ⇑1999

Biliana V. Panajotova
"New Developments in the Lateral Motion Model for Polymer Melt Dynamics"
Research Advisor: M. F. Herman

John J. Cahill
"Development of a Method for Investigating Carbon Removal Processes during Photoassisted Thin Flim Growth Using Organometallic Precursors"
Research Advisor: B. Koplitz

William T. Slaven, IV [Associate, Hogan and Hartson Law Firm, Washington, DC]
"Conjugated Polymer Synthesis via Palladium Mediated Catalysis"
Research Advisor: C. J. Li

Marc Breen [Fellow, US Naval Research Labs]
"The Chemical Deposition of Semiconductor Thin-Films for Photovoltaic Devices"
Research Advisor: A. Apblett

Rachael Kipp [Professor, Suffolk University, Boston, MA]
"The Chemical Deposition of Semiconductor Thin-Films for Photovoltaic Devices"
Research Advisor: R. H. Schmehl

Top ⇑1998

Edwin Walker [Associate Professor, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA]
"Innovative Processes for the Preparation of Ceramic Oxide Materials Using Liquid Metal Carboxylates"
Research Advisor: A. Apblett

Nicholas J. Wolf [Patent Liaison, Science & Technology Corp., University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM]
"Synthesis, Characterization, and Heavy Metal Liquid Extraction Studies of Xanthate Substituted Alkyl Chains and Lower Rim Amine or Carbamoyl Substituted Calix[4]arenes"
Research Advisor: D. M. Roundhill

Xianghui Yi
"Aqueous Metal-Mediated Reactions and Their Applications in Natural Product Syntheses"
Research Advisor: C. J. Li

Top ⇑1997

Matthew Beggs [Champion Technologies Inc., Texas]
"Perfluoroalkylation of Aromatic Systems"
Research Advisor: H. Ensley

Stanislav Ivanov
"Correlation Energies and Pointwise Identity for the DFT Correlation Potential in High-Density Scaling Limit"
Research Advisor: M. Levy

Won Kim [Research Scientist, Exxon]
"Photoinduced Intromolecular Energy Transfer in Rigidly Bridge Metallic Ru(II) Complexes"
Research Advisor: R. H. Schemehl

Richard Landtiser [Global Marketing Manager, Clarint Special Fine Chemicals]
"The Rearrangements of Polysilyl Platinum Hydrides: A Mechanistic Study"
Research Advisor: M. Fink

Jing Ling
"Mechanistic Studies of the Intramolecular ENE Reaction of Nitrosocarbonyl Alkenes -Progress Towards the Total Synthesis of Cinncassiol D1"
Research Advisor: H. E. Ensley

Karl Thomas Lorenz
"Investigating Product-State Distributions Utilizing Velocity-Aligned Doppler Spectroscopy"
Research Advisor: B. Kolpitz

Qiuwen Xia
"Catalytic Capabilities of a Site-Directed Cytochrome P450-BM3 Mutant, F87G"
Research Advisor: W. L. Alworth

Top ⇑1996

Joe Clymire [Analytical Development Group, Savannah River Technology Center, Savannah, GA]
"Chemical Stability of Heavy Metals in the Bottom Sediment of Bayou Trepagnier"
Research Advisor, G. McPherson

Shivkumar Mahadevan [Principle Scientist, Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Inc., Jacksonville, FL]
"Synthesis of Multiple Bridged Acetylenic Thiacyclophanes"
Research Advisor, H. E. Ensley

Alexander Yordanov [Res. Assist. Prof., Dept of Radiology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham DC]
"Sulfur Derivatized Calixarenes As Selective Extractants for Heavy and Precious Metal Ions"
Research Advisor, D. M. Roundhill

Top ⇑1995

James Bollinger [Instrument Specialist, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA]
"Cyclohexane-Based Phenolate Tripodal Ligands and Their Biomedical Application in the Chelation of Group 13 Metals and Iron"
Research Advisor, D. M. Roundhill

Cheng-Feng Chiang
"Cytotoxic Lymphocytes: Cytolytic Mechanisms and Role During Infection by Human Immunodeficiency Virus"
Research Advisor, Robert F. Garry

Galina Gueorguieva
"Metal Carboxylate Precursors for Ceramic Materials and Waste Forms for Radionuclides"
Research Advisor, A. Apblett

Zhaiwei Lin
"Heterobimetallic Complexes Containing Methylaminobis (Difluorophosphine)"
Research Advisor, J. T. Mague

Michael Mathews
"Site Specific Photochemistry of Haloalkanes and Their Associated Alkyl Radical Intermediates"
Research Advisor, B. Koplitz

Valentin Panayotov
"Laser Ablation of Zintl Phase Materials as a Route for Deposition of III-V Semiconductor Thin Films"
Research Advisor, B Koplitz

Zhongrui Wang
"Dissociation Photochemistry of Alky Radicals"
Research Advisor, B. Koplitz

Top ⇑1994

Aaron Baba [Professor, Department of Chemistry, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH]
"Energy and Electron Transfer Reactions of Rigidly Bridged Multinuclear Metal Complexes"
Research Advisor, R. H. Schemhl

Jay Canvanaugh
"Factors Responsible for Resistance of Cells to Lytic Attack By Murine Cytotoxic Lymphocytes"
Research Advisor, R. Verrett

Maryam Foroozesh [Professor, Department of Chemistry, Xavier University, New Orleans, LA]
"A New Class of Ethynyl Inhibitors of Cytochrome P450 Isozymes"
Research Advisor, W. L. Alworth

Alireza Gharavi [President of Shadya Technologies, Chicago, IL]
"Experimental Studies of Visible to Ultraviolet Upconversion in Rare-Earth Doped Glasses of Low Phonon Frequency"
Research Advisor, G. McPherson

Craig Recatto [Director of Sales and Marketing, Norcham Drug Testing, Tuscon, AZ]
"Synthesis and Properties of Novel Yttroxanes and Ytrrium Carboxylates"
Research Advisor, M. Fink

Top ⇑1993

Abolfazl Amini [Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA]
"Discretized Real-Time Path Integral Simulations of Solvent-Induced Vibrational Transition Probability of Small Molecules"
Research Advisor, M. Herman

Sanjoy Ganguly [Industrial Manager for Cosmetics in North and South America, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments]
"Amination and Hydration Reactions Using Homogeneous Catalysts"
Research Advisor, D. M. Roundhill

Ping Tong
"Viscoelastic Properties of Linear Long Polymers in Melt"
Research Advisor, M. Herman

Rong-Ping Yang
"Mechanism of GPD-NAD Binding and Product Transfer"
Research Advisor, L. D. Byers

Top ⇑1992

Jeffrey L. Brum [Staff Scientist, SmithKline Pharmaceuticals, King of Prussia, PA]
"Site-Specific Photochemistry of Haloalkanes"
Research Advisor: Brent D. Koplitz

Sangha Kim [Manager, Songwon Industrial Co., South Korea]
"Synthesis and Reactivity of Cyclic and Acyclic Phosphonous and Phosphonodithious Esters"
Research Advisor: D. M. Roundhill

Justin Keith Moran [Wyeth Research, Pearl River, NY]
"Synthesis of Modified Calixarenes for Imaging Applications"
Research Advisor: D. M. Roundhill

Nancy E. Hopkins [Professor, Cell & Molecular Biology, Tulane University]
"The Topology of Cytochromes P450 1A1, 1A2 and 2B6"
Research Advisor: William L. Alworth

Top ⇑1991

Yue Wang
"Exchange and Correlation in Many-Electron Systems"
Research Advisor: J. Perdew

Leslie Conover Wilson
"Non-Local Wigner-Like Correlation-Energy Density Functional: Development and Analysis Through Coordinate Scaling Requirements"
Research Advisor: M. Levy

John Rolland Shaw [Research Scientist, Batelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH]
"Photophysical Studies of Intraligand and Charge-Transfer Excited States in Transition Metal Diimine Complexes"
Research Advisor: R. Schmehl

Xiao Li
"Polyelectrolyte Properties of Glycosaminoglycans as Studied by Laser Light Scattering"
Research Advisor: W. Reed

Jeffrey Brian Sipior
"Supersonic Jet Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Solvent Complexes of Tryptophan Analogues and Molecular Mechanics Modeling of Bare Molecule Conformers"
Research Advisor: M. Sulkes

Charles Leonard Lloyd [Applied Research Lab, State College, PA]
"Transition Metal Complexes of Tris(Dimethylphosphino)Methane and of Bis (Dimethoxyphosphino)Methyl and Phenylamine"
Research Advisor: J. Mague

Top ⇑1990

Angel Gabriel Guzman-Garcia
"Experimental and Theoretical Analyses of Ion Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications"

Yan Yin Waguespack [Assoc. Professor, Department of "Natural Sciences, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD]"
"Luminescence Studies of One-Dimensional Manganese Salts and D(8)-D(8), D(8)-D(6) Dimeric Complexes"
Research Advisor: G. McPherson

Top ⇑1989

Waldo Jose Rodriguez [Research Scientist, NASA Langley Research Laboratory, Hampton, VA]
"Exciton Dynamics in Inorganic Crystals Containing Divalent Manganese: Experiment and Theory"
Research Advisor: G. McPherson

Timothy Craig Vanoy [Patent Examiner]
"Spectroscopic Studies in Highly Symmetrical Crystals"
Research Advisor: G. McPherson

Soonheum Park [Professor, Department of Chemistry, Dongguk University, Kyong-Ju, South Korea]
"Synthesis and Reaction Chemistry of Platinum(II) Amide Complexes"
Research Advisor: D. M. Roundhill

Dhananjay Balkrishna Puranik [Naval Research Laboratories]
"The Synthesis and Chemistry of Silacyclobutadienes"
Research Advisor: M. Fink

Top ⇑1988

Christopher King
"Bimetallic Compounds Containing Methylenebis(Phosphinic Acid)"
Research Advisor: D. M. Roundhill

Jui-Yun Lu
"The Effects of Mechanism-Based Suicide Inhibitiors of Cytochrome P-450 on Cell-Mediated Mutagenesis and Cytotoxicity"
Research Advisor: William L. Alworth

Top ⇑1987

William Frederick Wacholtz [Professor, University of Wisconsin, Osh Kosh, WI]
"Photochemistry and Photophysics of Mononuclear and Covalently Linked Polynuclear Ruthenium (II) Bipyridyl Complexes"
Research Advisor: R. Schmehl

Top ⇑1986

Liang-Shang Gan
"Mechanism-Based Inactivation of Cytochrome P-450 Dependent Benzo[A]Pyrene Hydroxylase Activity by Acetylenic and Olefinic Polycyclic Arylhydrocarbons"
Research Advisior: William L. ALworth

Jean Elaine Osburn [Program Director, Naval Research Laboratories, Washington, DC]
"Energies, Electron Densities and First-Order Density Matrices from One-Body External Potentials"
Research Advisor: M. Levy

Farid Mohamed El-Torki [Professor, University of Tripoli, Libya]
"Reactions of Transition-Metal Complexes in Organized Environments"
Research Advisor: R. Schmehl

Ramadan Mohamed El-Mehdawi
"Synthesis and Reactions: (U-H)(U-PH(2)P(CH(2))(N)PH(2)P)MO(CO)(8)(-) Anions and Axial Replacement in NA(2)PT(2)(U-PO(4)H)(4)(H(2)O)(2) (Binuclear Molybdenum Carbonyl Anions Bridged by Hydride and Bidentate Phosphine Ligands, Tetrakis U-Phosphato Diplatinum(III) Complexes, Sodium, Platinum)"
Research Advisors: D. J. Darensbourg, D. M. Roundhill

Top ⇑1985

Steven Earl Dessens [Professor, Department of Chemistry, Houston Community College, Southwest, Houston, Texas]
"Multinuclear Transition Metal Complexes of the Bridging Ligand Tris (Diphenylphosphino)Methane (Alkylidyne Tricobaltnonacarbonyl, Bis (Dimethylarsino)Methane)"
Research Advisor: J. T. Mague

Rebecca Kudaroski Hanckel [Professor, Department of Physical Sciences, Charleston, Southern University, Charleston, SC]
"Reductive Activation of Carbon Dioxide by Anionic Group 6B Alkyl Metal Carbonyl Complexes"
Research Advisor: D. J. Darensbourg

Top ⇑1984

John M. Hanckel
"Part I - Site-Selective Ion Pairing of Monosubstituted Vanadium Carbonylates. Part II - Heterolytic Activation of Molybdenum-Hydrogen Bonds of Neutral and Cationic Molybdenum Hydride Complexes"
Research Advisor: M. Darensbourg

Top ⇑1982

Katherine Formusa Talluto
"Luminescent Centers in Double Halide Salts: I. Energy Migration and Transfer. II. Energy Storage and Thermoluminescence"
Research Advisor: G. L. McPherson

Wen-An Loong [National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan]
"Part I: The Study of Polarized Electronic Spectra of M(III)-M(III), M(III)- Lithium(I) and M(III)-Copper(I) Centers in Poped Cesium Magnesium Trichloride Single Crystals. Part II: The Study of Heterogeneous Catalysis of Olefin Hydrogenation, Isomerization and Polymerization on M(III) Doped Crystals and Rhodium(III) Complexes Dispersed on Silica Gel"
Research Advisor: G. L. McPherson

Top ⇑1980

Haroldo Lucio de Castro Barros
"Ion-Ion and Ion-Solvent Interactions in Transition Metal Organic Salts"
Research Advisor: M. Darensbourg

K. R. Viswanathan
"Enkaphalins - The Internal Ones"
Research Advisor: William L. Alworth

Top ⇑1979

John Alexander Ewen
"Kinetics and Bonding in Transition Metal Carbonyl Derivatives and Related Organometallic Complexes"
Research Advisor: D. J. Darensbourg

Top ⇑1978

Joseph Andrew Froelich
"Oxygen-18 Labeling Studies in Transition Metal Carbonyl Complexes"
Research Advisor: D. J. Darensbourg

Martin H. Kay
"Studies of the Enzymic Conversion of Riboflavin to 5,6-Dimethylbenzmidazile in Propionibacterium ShermanII."
Research Advisor: William L. Alworth

Top ⇑1977

Mary F. Dove
"The Biosynthetic Origin of the Dimethlphenylene Moiety of Vitamin B-12 and Riboflavin"
Research Advisor: William L. Alworth

Top ⇑1976

Michael Ozzie Nutt
"Synthesis and Reactions of Some Rhodium(I) Complexes"
Research Advisor: D. J. Darensbourg

Ming Cheng Kuo
"The Molecular and Crystal Structures of 10-Propylisoalloxazine Bis(Naphthalene-2,3-Diol), DI-MU-Hexafluorobut-2-Enylene-Bis(Cis-Triphenyl- Phosphinenitrosyliridium(I), and Hexakis (Pyridine-N-Oxide) Nickel(II) Tetrafluoroborate"
Research Advisor: C. J. Fritchie, Jr.

Top ⇑1975

Jon Edward Tappan
"Bonding and Reactivity in Some Group VIB and Group VIII Metal Carbonyl Derivatives"
Research Advisor: D. J. Darensbourg

Top ⇑1974

Julia Mei Wang Yu
"Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Studies of Some Flavin Analogues"
Research Advisor: C. J. Fritchie, Jr.

Jin Rong Chang [Quebec Centre Rech. Ind. CA]
"Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Cesium Transition-Metal Trichlorides Doped Into Crystals of Cesium-Cadmium Trichloride"
Research Advisor: G. L. McPherson

Willis Lee Thornsberry, Jr. [Freeport Sulfur Company]
"Part I. An Investigation of Atomic Orbital Representation by an Analysis of the Barriers to Internal Rotation in Disulfur-Dihydride, Diselenium-Dihydride, and Ditellurium-Dihydride. Part II. Molecular Orbital Calculations on a Series of Pentacoordinate Phosphorus Compounds. Part III. A Theoretical Investigation of the Bonding and Charge Configuration in Metal-Carbonyls and Phosphine-Substituted Metal-Carbonyls"
Research Advisor: M. Y. Darensbourg

Yu-Chu Yang [US Army Chemical Research Center]
"The Co-Solvent Effect in Kinetics: I. The Comparative Solvolysis of 1-Adamantyl-Bromide and Cyclohexyl-Bromide in Tertiary Butyl-Alcohol – Water Mixtures. II. Analysis of Other Kinetic Systems in Terms of the Co-Solvent Effect"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Top ⇑1973

Edith Chua Ong [Senior Director, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA]
"Some Aspects of Vibronic-Coupling in Circular Dichroism"
Research Advisor: O. E. Weigang, Jr.

Carl James Doumit [Professor, Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, MS]
"Synthesis and Characterization of Some Mixed Ligand Complexes of Copper(II) Containing Ortho Substituted Azo Dyes"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Edward Henry Gause
"The Reaction of Some Rhodium(I) Complexes with Fluoroacetylenes"
Research Advisor: J. T. Mague

Top ⇑1972

Haven Scott Aldrich [Exxon Mobil, Baton Rouge, LA]
"Invariant Atomic Orbitals from Accurate Hartree-Fock Molecular Orbitals and Hydrogen-Bonding in Mixed-Dimer Systems"
Research Advisor: L. C. Cusachs

Joseph Pike Mitchener
"Syntheses and Reactions of Ruthenium(II) Complexes Containing Tertiary and Ditertiary Phosphines and Arsines"
Research Advisor: J. T. Mague

Joe Leslie Wells
"The Crystal and Molecular Structures of Alpha-1-Para-Bromophenyl Phenylmethylene-3-Oxo-1,2-Diazetidinium Inner Salt and Lumiflavin-Bisnaphthalene-2,3-Diol" Research Advisor: C. J. Fritchie, Jr.

Charles Wittmann Weston [Senior Scientist, Crescent Technologies, New Orleans, LA]
"Investigations of Diphenylphosphine Complexes of Zerovalent Nickel and Palladium"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Top ⇑1970

Glen Moore Robinson III
"Aspects of Natural and Magnetically Induced Optical Activity"
Res. Advisor: Dr. Oscar E. Weigang, Jr.

Dale Wyatt Dycus [Mostek Corporation]
"A Comparative Study of the Reactions of Anisoyl Chloride, M- Trifluoromethylbenzoyl Chloride, and M-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride with Ethanol"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

David James Miller [Union Carbide]
"A Theoretical Investigation of the Nature of the Bonding in Sulfur-Containing Molecules"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen and Louis Chopin Cusachs

Kenneth Steven Wheelock [GE Plastics]
"Part I: Semi-Empirical Molecular Orbital Calculations: The Effective Hamiltonian. Part II: Semi-Empirical Molecular Orbital Studies of Platinum Acetylene and Olefin Complexes. Part III: Investigations of Phosphinoacetylene Complexes of Zerovalent Palladium and Platinum"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Margaret Alice Clarke [USDA Southern Regional Research Labs]
"Preparation and Structure Determination of Some Heterocyclic Complexes of Silver(I) and Copper(I)"

Top ⇑1969

Jonathan Sweet Bullock, IV [Oak Ridge National Labs]
"A Thermodynamic Interpretation of the Solvent Effect in the Reaction of Anisoyl Chloride with Isopropanol in Isopropanol - Benzene Mixtures"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Donald Leo Schmitt
"Part I: The Isomerization of Cyclodecadienes by Rhodium Complexes. Part II: Complexes of Substituted Tetrazoles"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Top ⇑1968

Raymond Levon Oglukian
"A Kinetic Study of the Solvolysis Ofphthalic Anhydride in Dioxane-Watersolutions"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Arunachalam Tulsi Ram [Eastman Kodak Co.]
"Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes of Saturated Diphosphines"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Joyce Hooper Corrington [Professor of Chemistry, Screenwriter]
"Effects of Neighboring Atoms in Molecular Orbital Theory"
Research Advisor: L. C. Cusachs

Wavell Wainwright Fogleman [Professor of Chemistry, Plymouth State University]
"Part I. Investigations of Bis(Diphenylphosphino)Methane Complexes of Nickel And Copper. Part II. Semi-Empirical Molecular Orbital Calculations on Some Phosphines and Nickel Phosphine Complexes"
Research Advisor: H. B Jonassen

William Andruchow, Jr.
"Part 1: Molybdenum Chelate Syntheses. Part 2: Reaction Mechanism Elucidation for the Hexachloromolybdate(III) Ion Hydrolysis"
Research Advisor: R. D. Archer

Top ⇑1967

John Paul Jendrek, Jr.
"Chemistry of Methionine Sulfonium Salts"

Honnavally Nadig Ramaswamy [USDA Southern Regional Research Labs]
"Part I: Metal Complexes of an Unsaturated Ditertiary Phosphine. Part II: Substituted Pyridine N-Oxide Complexes of Cobalt(II)"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Tze-Lock Chan [Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong]
"Studies Directed Towards the Syntheses of Azahelicenes"
Research Advisor: Ronald D. Archer

Elaine Ann Dittmar
"The Stereochemistry of the Base Hydrolysis of Trans-Chlorohydroxo-, D-Cis-Chloro-Hydroxo-, and D-Cis-Dichlorobis-(Ethylenediamine)Cobalt(III)Ions"

Top ⇑1966

A. Parthasarathy
"Study of Dithizone and Metal Dithizonates Under Oxidizing Conditions"

George Anthony von Bodungen
"A Thermodynamic Interpretation of the Solvent Effect on the Reaction of Meta-Trifluoromethyl Benzoyl Chloride with Isopropanol in Isopropanol Benzene Solvent Mixtures"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Ralph John Berni
"Metal Ion Complexes of 2(1H)-Tetrahydropyrimidinone (Cyclic Propylene Urea)"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

James Alfred Turner
"Solvent Field Effects on Molecular Electronic Spectra"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Jon Douglas Hutchison
"The Differential Heats of Solution of Reactive and Pseudoreactive Solutes in Methanol-, Ethanol-, and Isopropanol - Benzene Binary Solvent Systems"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Top ⇑1965

John Constantine Trebellas [Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals]
"Complexes of Cyclic Carbon(10) Unconjugated Diolefins with Metallic Salts"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Brille Rexford Perry Cotsoradis
"Synthetic, Structural and Kinetic Studies of Bis(Acetylacetonato) Cobalt (III) Complexes"

Tadeusz Karol Wiewiorowski [Freeport McMoRan, Inc.]
"The Structure of Solid Intermediates of the Reaction Between Carbon Black and Sulfur"

Top ⇑1964

Thomas Maxwell Willard
"A Study of the Interaction Between Aluminum Isopropoxide and Some Weakly Basic Solvents"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

James Jacob Rathmell [1998 J. F. Carll Award Recipient, Society of Petroleum Engineers]
"A Thermodynamic Interpretation of the Solvent Effect in the Reaction of Meta-Fluorobenzoyl Chloride with Isopropanol in Isopropanol-Benzene"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Gary Lane Bertrand [Professor of Chemistry, University of Missouri, Rolla]
"A Thermodynamic Interpretation of the Solvent Effect in the Reaction of Anisoyl Chloride With Ethanol in Ethanol - Benzene Mixtures"
Research Advisor, T. F. Fagley

Frederick Raymond Hilgeman [Professor of Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX]
"Determination of the Thermodynamic Properties of a Solid Solution of M-Fluorobenzoic Acid and Benzoic Acid"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Arlo Dean Harris [Professor of Chemistry, San Bernadino State University, CA]
"Studies of the Reactions Between Some 5-Substituted Tetrazoles Bearing Strongly Electronegative Groups and Some Transition-Metal Ions in the Divalent State"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Top ⇑1963

James Ward Sims
"A Study of the Solvent Effect in the Esterification of Benzoyl-Chloride in Methanol - Carbon-Tetrachloride Solutions"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Walter Scott Hamilton [Professor of Chemistry, Texas Women's University]
"A Study of the Solvent Effect in the Thermal Decomposition of Benzenediazonium Chloride and Benzazide by the Method of Differential Thermal Analysis"
Research Advisor: T. A. Fagley

Charles Ray Brent
"A Thermochemical Study of the C=N and N-O Bond Energies in Tetramethylenefuroxan and Cyclohexanedione Dioxime"
Research Advisor: T. A. Fagley

Janet Virginia Hamilton
"A Thermochemical Study of the Structures of 1,2-, 2,1- and 4,1- Nitrosonaphthols"
Research Advisor: T. A. Fagley

Steinar Husebye [Professor, University of Bergen, Sweden]
"Investigation of Complex Formation Between Cobalt Hydrocarbonyl and Some Olefins"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

John Jack Rodman Reed [Esso Research, Baytown, TX]
"Studies on the Effect of the Anion on the Complex Cations of Cobalt(III) With Ammonia and Ethylenediamine"

Top ⇑1962

Edward Anthony Boudreaux [Professor Emeritus University of New Orleans]
"A Physical and Theoretical Study of the Interaction Between Aromatic Diazonium Salts and Inorganic Chlorides in the Solid State"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Sigred Boyd Lanoux [Retired Professor of Chemistry, University of LA, Lafayette]
"A Study of Copper(II)-Azo-Dye Complexes Containing Selected Monodentate and Bidentate Liquids"

Ewin Alfred Eads [Late Professor of Chemistry at Lamar University, Beaumont, TX]
"A Study of the Syntheses of Borazole Derivatives from B-Trichloroborazoleand Selected Carbonyl Compounds"
Research Advisor: D. A. Payne, Jr.

Leroy James Theriot [Professor of Chemistry, North Texas State, Denton, TX]
Postdoc: Holm Group, Harvard Department of Chemistry
"A Study of Complex Diazonium Compounds of Para-Dimethylamino Benzene Diazonium Chloride"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Top ⇑1961

Joseph Aaron Bertrand, Jr. [Retired Professor of Chemistry, GA Tech, GA]
"A Study of the Structure, Properties and Decomposition Products of Cobaltcarbonyl Olefin Complexes"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Top ⇑1960

Jane Woodward Alsobrook Miller
"French Successors to Lavoisier and Their Development of the Chemical Revolution, 1789-1871"

Top ⇑1959

Stephen Paul Terpko
"The Reactions of Decaborane-14 with Aniline and its N-Methyl Homologues"

John Ritter Sutter [Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Howard University, Washingron D.C.]
"The Use of a Thermistor Manometer for the Measurement of Heats of Sublimation"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Top ⇑1958

Robert Inman Stearns [Adjunct Chemistry Professor, University of Missouri, St. Louis]
"A Study of the Reactions of Dicobalt Octacarbonyl and Cobalt Hydrocarbonyl with Aliphatic Conjugated Dienes in Relation to the Mechanism of the Hydroformylation (OXO) Reaction"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Vendatapuram Vuruppattur Ramanujam [Professor, University of Madras, India]
"Inorganic Complex Compounds Containing Polydentate Groups: Studies of Tetramine and Pentamine Complexes of Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), Manganese(II) and Iron(11) Ions"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Lionel J. Bailin
"Reactions of Molybdenum(III) Chlorides in Non-Aqueous Sulfuric Acids and Related Solvents"

Lowell Westerman [Esso Research/Exxon]
"Stability and Thermochemical Studies of the Complex Ions Formed Between Tetraethylenepentamine and the Bivalent Ions of Nickel, Ion and Manganese"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Elwood J. Gonzales
"Studies of Complexes of Copper(II)-Ortho-Azophenol with Ethanolamine and Ethylenediamine"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Alcuin Florian Gremillion [Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, University of Arkansas, Little Rock]
"The Function of Metal Ions in Some Solid Inorganic Stabilized Aryldiazonium Salts of the Double Salt Type"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Warren Bernard Kirsh
"The Reactions of Pentaborane with Diphenylamine and Ethylenediamine"

Top ⇑1957

Jack Everett Field
"Amine Adducts of Stable Pentaborane(9)"

Mary Lockett Nelson
"Energy Relationships Among Crystal Lattice Types of Cellulose"

Top ⇑1956

Anneke Schaafsma
"Investigation of the Stability of the Iron(II) and Manganese(II) Tetraethylene Pentamine Complexes and Their Reactivity Toward Oxygen, Hydroxyl Groups and Hydroperoxides"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

John Robert Doyle
"Platinum Olefin Coordination Compounds Containing Dicyclopentadiene"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Top ⇑1955

Frank C. Cantor
"A Comparison of the Schmidt Reaction on Certain Alicyclic Alcohols with the Acid Catalyzed Decomposition of Corresponding Alicyclic Azides"

Leon Segal [USDA, New Orleans, LA]
"A Study of the Complexes Formed Between Copper(II), Ethylenediamine, and Compounds Containing Hydroxyl Groups"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Philip E. Slade, Jr.
"Complexes of Butadiene with Metallic Salts"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Stanley Cantor [Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory]
"Stabilization of Complexes of Lower Oxidation States of Tungsten. Reduction of Tungstates in Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

James R. Oliver [Professor, University of Southwestern Louisiana]
"The Effect of Electronic Structure on the Stereochemistry of Complexes of Copper(II)"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Jack H. Stocker [Emeritus Professor & founding member of University of New Orleans]
"The Formation and Decomposition of Ketals"
Research Advisor: Charles A. MacKenzie

Gabriel Chuchani [Emeritius-Instituto Venezolano De Investigaciones Cientifica]
"Tritylation Reactions of Aromatic Compounds"
Research Advisor: Charles A. MacKenzie

Top ⇑1954

William J. Evans
"A Microcalorimeter for the Study of Enzyme Systems"

Charles C. Rolland
"An Investigation of the Structure of Silver(I) Complex Ions in Solution"
Research Advisor: H. B. Jonassen

Elias Klein [Gulf South Research Institute]
"A Study of Chemical Kinetics. I. The Evaluation of Specific Reaction Rate Constants for First Order, Consecutive Kinetic Studies Restricted to Limited Data. II. The Kinetics of Metallation of Anisole with Ethyl-Lithium"
Research Advisor: T. F. Fagley

Frederick W. Frey, Jr [Ethyl Corp.]
"Inorganic Complex Compounds Containing Polydentate Groups. Investigation of the Stability of the Cobalt(II) Tetraethylenepentamine Complex and its Ability to Reversibly Absorb Oxygen"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Morris J. Danzig
"The Syntheses and Reactions of 2-Substituted Thianaphthenes"
Research Advisor: D. A. Shirley

Top ⇑1953

Joseph R. Zietz, Jr.
"Alkylation with Long Chain Para-Toluenesulfonates"
Research Advisor: D. A. Shirley

Thomas O. Sistrunk
"An Investigation of the Factors Affecting the Directive Influence of the Nitro Group in Palladium(II)Complexes"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Francis J. Boylan
"A Study of Dielectric Properties and Their Relation to the Solid State: Some Systems of Polar and Non-Polar Substances"

Winston R. deMonsabert
"Inorganic Complex Compounds Containing Polydentate Groups. Zirconium(IV) Complexes"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Jeremiah W. Weaver [Southern Research Labs, USDA]
"The Etherification of Cellulose With Esters of Paratoluenesulfonic" ACID
Research Advisor: C. A. MacKenzie and D. A. Shirley

Melvin L. Karon [Southern Research Labs, USDA]
"The Proteins of Sesame Seed, a Physico-Chemical Investigation"

Top ⇑1952

Edward C. Beck
"Catalytic Investigations of the Formation of Sodium-Sulfate"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Alexandre R. Tarsey
"Complex Ions of Wolfram"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

John S. Wilson
"Studies of Metallated Dye Complexes. Copper(II) Complexes with 2-Carboxyphenyl Azo-Beta-Naphthol, 2-Carboxyphenyl Azo-Beta-Naphthylamine and Ortho-Azophenol"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Phillip A. Roussel [Research Scientist: DuPont]
"The Metalation of Indole and Pyrrole and Some of Their N-Substituted Homologs with N-Butyllithium"
Research Advisor: David A. Shirley

Top ⇑1951

Laurence R. Webb [Professor, University of Dayton, OH]
"A Reaction Mechanism for the Decomposition of Iminoester-Hydrochloride"
Research Advisor: Charles A. MacKenzie

Margaret D. Cameron
"A Study of Some 2-Derivatives of Thianaphthene"
Research Advisor: David A. Shirley

Paul C. Yates
"Structural Investigation of Silver Complex Compounds"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Top ⇑1950

Neville L. Cull [Exxon Research]
"An Investigation of the Factors Affecting the Directive Influence of the Nitro Group in the Dinitrodiamine Palladium(II) Complexes"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Alvin W. Meibohm
"Inorganic Compounds Containing Polydentate Groups: Investigation of the Stability of Complex Compounds Containing Triethylenetetramine"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Robert B. LeBlanc
"Inorganic Complex Compounds Containing Polydentate Groups: Investigation of the Stability of Complex Compounds Containing Diethylenetriamine"
Research Advisor: Hans B. Jonassen

Hans O. Spauschus
"The Correlation of Physical Properties and Structure; A Study of the Triazogroup"
Research Advisor: John M. Scott and Charles A. MacKenzie

Top ⇑1949

Alfred P. Mills
"Derivatives of Trichlorosilane"
Research Advisor: Charles A. MacKenzie

Charles G. Jeremias
"The Action of Grignard Reagents on Glucose and Some of its Derivatives"
Research Advisor: Charles A. MacKenzie

Top ⇑1948

Harold M. Busey
"The Catalytic Chlorination of Methane by Hydrogen-Chloride and Air"
Research Advisor: Pollard, E. F.

Top ⇑1936

Raymond B. Squires
"Studies in the Oxidation-Reduction Potentials of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)"
Research Advisor: Richmond K. Anderson

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